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Volunteer training program: Shelter is a holotape in Fallout 76. It was meant to be obtained during the quest Tentative Plans, but was never implemented in-game.


Dassa Ben-Ami: Interview three. I was hunting for rabbits and met Miguel Caldera who had a really nice campsite. Miguel, can you tell us about it?

Miguel Caldera: Yeah, I mean. Why not. You said this will help people, right?

Dassa Ben-Ami: I don't know, but I hope so.

Miguel Caldera: You know, I used to work in an office. Pushed papers all day. Filed reports. Shot the shit around the water cooler. The thing I did the most was watch the clock. I couldn't wait to get out of there and plan my next hiking trip into the mountains. Saved all my days off for a hike down the Appalachians, you know? Looks like I got way more time than a week now!

Dassa Ben-Ami: So you were a nature lover before all of this?

Miguel Caldera: Yeah, yeah, of course. I love it. I dreamed of retiring to live as a hermit in the woods or something. Anyway, I guess we are all hermits now! It's a blast -- *laughs* Pun not intended!

Dassa Ben-Ami: What would you tell other survivors who are trying to figure all of this stuff out for the first time?

Miguel Caldera: Oh that's easy. You need to build a campsite that's going to keep you safe. You want your camp to be hard to spot by predators and people, but close to resources. You also want to be able to wake up and find something to eat close by, you know?

Dassa Ben-Ami: Sure! Of course. Makes sense. What else has changed for you since the bombs and, uh, all of this started?

Miguel Caldera: Well, for the first time in a long time... I met somebody, and that has been good for both of us. He works at the Flatwoods outpost, so I try to make excuses to visit when I can. You know how it is. Programmed elaborate pointless systems just so I could be there for a while. Kept running into issues, you know, so I could stay longer...

Dassa Ben-Ami: Wait, are you saying the Volunteer program was an elaborate ruse so you could spend more time with Garry?! You've got to be kidding me!

Miguel Caldera: *clears throat* Um... I meant to say that... you find ways to combine work with the things you love, right?

Dassa Ben-Ami: Ugh! This interview is over. We need to talk. Miguel. What the F---