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Volunteer training program: Food is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found in the kitchen terminal of the diner in Flatwoods, during Second Helpings.


Dassa Ben-Ami: Interview two. Reverend Delbert Winters! Hi! I met you in the woods near the Morgantown Airport. You were picking flowers. Why?

Delbert Winters: I was harvesting a lot of stuff, actually. I hunted a deer recently. It looked... strange. But tasted fine.

Dassa Ben-Ami: What's a basic, easy meal that someone who's been surviving on cans could make?

Delbert Winters: You can make tea with dried flowers. It's not much, but it can soothe your stomach. I don't know what this flower is called, but I call it a Soot Flower. If you add it to water, you can make a tea. Same with rabbit meat or chicken meat, you can easily make soups with boiled water. God willing, we can adapt old recipes to new types of food.

Dassa Ben-Ami: What do you mean by that?

Delbert Winters: Back in the army, we got sent off to places with weird fish I never heard of, and weird veggies I'll never see again. You know? We had to cook with 'em still. Just pretend it's catfish or something and see how it turns out. But now, well, lemme say that I've seen some weird stuff. I thought maybe it was unholy, but... these are all the creation of our lord even if man has manipulated them, and dang it, they're still edible.

Dassa Ben-Ami: Oh, um, well. What kind of veggies do you eat?

Delbert Winters: Yeah there are still some edible veggies out there, like melons and carrots and gourds. You know, I found some tomatoes and potatoes growing together. They're somehow pollinating each other or something. I ate one and it was kind of like ketchup-flavored cardboard, but hey, I'm alive. You might have to experiment like that. Don't be too picky if it keeps you alive to see the end of times.

Dassa Ben-Ami: Sounds like you've been thinking about this for a while.

Delbert Winters: You could say that. I knew the end was coming for a good long while, and well, it's here... and the end will come again. I have faith that there's a reason for all this, and that we need to survive to see our Lord again. And well, we need food to survive.

Dassa Ben-Ami: Fair enough. Thanks for the tips, Delbert.