Volunteer training: Camping 101 is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The volunteer training: Camping 101 holotape is located in the bot shop at Morgantown Airport on an old stereo, during Tentative Plans.



Miguel Caldera: Responder Survivors Volunteer Program: Advanced Training: Camping. By Miguel Caldera -- robot programmer extraordinaire!

Part 1: Finding the perfect camping location. Now that the world has changed, it's hard to stay safe. Used to be that camping was safe as houses. *laughs* Well, until there was a strong wind. These days, nothing is really safe. Even in your camp, someone might hurt you. The perfect spot doesn't matter now. It's all about your defenses! You can build near people you trust who will watch your back, or build things that will watch your back for you! No problem! Anyone can do it.

Remember, camps are mobile. We're all explorers now, camping in a strange land full of adventure, wonder, and danger. So camp often, and rest a lot. Before the war, I was going to retire and go camping. Now I can do it every day, forever! It's a dream come true! Do what you love, right? Now come to my camp and I can show you some knots and framing techniques. Then I'll direct you on to some helpful supplies! Good luck, Volunteer!

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