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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vlad.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 RE_SceneSM02_RobotsTalkingInLoop 003848B2 It depends.
2 003848B3 That's difficult to answer.
3 003848B4 Probably.
4 003848B5 Why did you ask that?
5 003848B6 Without a doubt.
6 003848B7 Does a Radtoad hop in the woods?
7 004E1E2A Okay, what?
8 004E1E2C Yes.
9 004E1E2D No.
10 004E1E2E Maybe.
11 004E1E2F I'm not sure about that.
12 004E1E31 Sorry, I did not understand.
13 RE_SceneSM02_RobotsTalkingInLoop 003848B8 What do you think about attacking the humans?
14 003848B9 Do you know how to spell Appalachia?
15 003848BA Can you interface with a terminal?
16 003848BB Are you lonely?
17 003848BC Are you as confused as I am?
18 003848BD Could you survive a nuclear blast?
19 003848BE Would you like to bet on that?
20 003848BF How about a nice game of chess?
21 004E1E35 Are you a Miss Nanny?
22 004E1E36 Are you single?
23 004E1E37 Do you know the meaning of life?
24 004E1E38 Do you know if you were born or made?