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The Visitor is a deceased creature found in Appalachia in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


The Visitor is a pale red wood-like abomination curled on its side in a hidden chamber of the Deep, accessible only by diving or flying. Bloody wounds appear on its surface when struck. Strange flickering black dots seem to rise from it like smoke and rapidly fade.

By all appearances, it is simply the corpse of an unidentifiable, malformed creature which died alone in a fecund, bio-illuminated tomb. Its origin and context is unknown. No character mentions it or directly alludes to its existence.

Its head strongly resembles the hand-like blooms which emerge from splitting strangler vines. It also resembles the Interloper, a larger creature found within Lucky Hole Mine, in that it appears to be a vaguely humanoid wooden figure in the fetal position lying on its side in an underground chamber. Both also have rigid "tendrils" in place of the head, and have small growths along two ridges down the back, resembling grasping vestigial arms. Unlike the Interloper, it does not move whatsoever, and no there is no evidence of ceremonies or gatherings in its chamber, or anywhere in the vicinity of the Deep.


  • In the bowels of the Deep, hidden and insulated by flooded tunnels.
    • Bioluminescence slowly pulsates throughout the chamber, emitted by a variety of strange plants. Rare plants can be seen here, such as fever blossom and kaleidopore, though most cannot be harvested.
    • This chamber has a small hole in the floor, which leads to a subterranean cliffside overlooking the Motherlode Acquisition Facility and its apparent moat of molten ultracite.


  • Mothmans emit a similar if not identical rising black particle effect from their entire bodies.
    • A flayed corpse hidden nearby also emits these smoky particles. This flayed body model is elsewise only found at sites of confirmed cultist activity.
  • The Visitor is technically a static object, and does not have any interaction with the player.[1]
  • There is an oil lantern adjacent to the corpse of the Visitor.
  • Elsewhere in the cave, a holotape can be found, titled "President's eyes ONLY," on the corpse of a Whitespring Resort staff member wearing a diving suit. On the tape, the late James Addison mentions earthquakes, and gets very excited about the things he saw in the cave. However, his description of the cave is manic and inaccurate, and his plan to directly contact the president appears to be deranged. He lies face-down in a tunnel at the edge of the water, his cause of death unclear.
    • James Addison's body is available as a scenery figurine in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, in the set "Print at Home - The Deep," alongside figurines of the Visitor, the Interloper, and a kaleidopore plant. These scenery figurines do not pertain to any rules for game use, and act as terrain during play.


The Visitor appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Behind the scenes[]

Its editor ID, VisitorCorpse01, seems to confirm that the Visitor is dead, and not merely immobile or catatonic.



Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]

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