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Visions in the Fog is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor quest: Visions in the Fog
Drink from the spring
Follow the figure
Investigate the holy site
Unlock the cache
Collect the icon
Return to the Grand Zealot
Reward: 400 XP
Robes of Atom's Devoted
Access to the Nucleus
Member of the Children of Atom
Leads to: What Atom Requires

Detailed walkthrough

Upon speaking with Grand Zealot Richter outside of the Nucleus. He explains that to join the Children of Atom, the Sole Survivor must drink water from the sacred spring.

Journey to the spring and drink the water by interacting with it. One will then enter a hallucinatory state and a ghostly, dark figure (known as the Mother of the Fog) covered in black smoke will appear. Following the figure will eventually lead the player character to a shrine, which is guarded by feral ghouls.

After eliminating the feral ghouls, enter the shrine. The marker will point to an icon located behind a maglocked security door that can only be opened with a password-protected terminal. To get the terminal's password, read the note on the shelf, which hints at the password's location on the side of a locker near a periodic table. Retrieve the icon and bring it back to Richter, who will allow the Survivor to join the Children of Atom and enter the Nucleus.

Quests stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Drink from the SpringThe Children of Atom require a ritual before allowing anyone into their sanctuary. Looks like I'll have to drink from a nearby spring. Bottom's up, I guess.
20 Follow the FigureA ghostly woman beckoned me to follow her through the woods. Let's see where this goes...
40 Investigate the Holy SiteThe ghostly figure directed me to a small holy site. Suppose I should check it out.
50 Investigate the Holy SiteA ghostly woman beckoned me to follow her through the woods. Let's see where this goes...
60 Unlock the CacheThis site appears to be some kind of shrine. And there's a strange carving locked away in a cage. I need to figure out how to get it open. Must be a clue around here...
70 Unlock the CacheI figured out the code to the terminal. "Mother." Now to unlock the cage and grab the carving.
80 Collect the Icon
100Quest finishedReturn to the Grand ZealotThe carving appears to be some sort of religious icon, maybe to this "Mother?" I should ask the Grand Zealot about it.
150Quest finishedReturn to the Grand ZealotTurns out this "Mother" who led me through the woods was a messenger from Atom. Who knew? Now I can finally enter as an official Child of Atom.
750Quest failedQuest Failed


  • Throughout the journey to the Children of Atom shrine, shadowed versions of creatures appear on the side of the road including radstags, gulpers and a fog crawler.
  • The Sole Survivor may stray from the vision guide and travel on foot during the journey to the Children of Atom shrine. The hallucination effects will still be in place. Fast traveling will cause the effects to go away. After this, the player character may still discover the Children of Atom Shrine and continue the quest with no other changes to the quest lines.
  • This quest is much like the Walking with Spirits quest in Point Lookout, in that the player character must complete a rite of passage involving hallucinogens to infiltrate a cult.
  • Companions may die while hallucinated and be sent back to their last home location.
  • Drinking from the spring will give the player character rads equal to 15% of their max hit points.

Behind the scenes

Every element in the MoThEr password for the shrine terminal (molybdenum, thorium, and erbium) has some connection with nuclear technology. Molybdenum is part of an alloy used to create missile parts, thorium can be used as nuclear fuel and be converted into uranium, and erbium is used as a control rod (an item that absorbs neutrons) within nuclear reactors.

While the atomic number is given for the elements thorium and erbium (see the password on the locker), the number 99 is incorrectly given for molybdenum - the atomic number of molybdenum is 42. The number 99 might refer to the isotope molybdenum-99. This isotope is converted to technetium-99, which is also used in nuclear medicine.