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The Visionary's T-60c helmet is a piece of headwear in Fallout 4.


The Visionary's T-60c helmet is a unique T-60 power armor helmet that increases the wearer's Action Point refresh speed and boasts slightly higher defense ratings against physical and energy damage than its regular counterpart. It also comes with BOS paladin paint and a VATS matrix overlay already installed.

The helmet's model (upgrade rank A to F) depends on the player's level when it is received. Being a unique item, its name will remain the same regardless, always carrying "T-60c" as part of its description.


It is given as a reward by Lancer Captain Kells for completing the quest A Loose End for the Brotherhood of Steel, regardless of the outcome. This quest can be taken during Liberty Reprimed, allowing access to the helmet without locking out any factions.

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