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VSS sim pod

Sim pod for Anchorage Reclamation simulation

Vault 112 TQ

Tranquility Loungers in Vault 112

Accept your perceived reality.Tranquility Lane loading screen, Fallout 3

Virtual reality or VR simulators were a fairly new technology before the Great War and are known to have been in use only in the United States military and in at least one Vault-Tec Vault.

The extent to which the simulators replicate reality is unknown - in some cases, being killed in the simulation results in the person being killed in real life. It is possible this is only an extreme case, as it is a fail safe in Vault 112, and a simulation used to open an armory in the VSS facility. Since, as previously stated, these simulators are known to have no civilian or entertainment applications, the question remains whether they were part of a previous training simulation or other project, possibly involving the development of power armor. Again, due to the limited information available since the bombs fell, this may never be known.

Known VR simulatorsEdit

There are at least six known sites with VR simulators:

Mess hall tranq loungers

The flight simulators in the mess hall & munitions storage


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