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This is a transcript for dialogue with Blue Ridge Caravan Company characters.

E05_Caravan (Riding Shotgun)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0056EFB0 0056EFBA Uh huh.
2 00581EEB Vinny told me you were asking if I could be put on this shift with you. A little annoyed, a little teasing. She's not upset about this, but she's also not cool with it either
3 He even said you were willing to do back to back runs to make it happen. Teasing
4 0056EFB1 0056EFC0 Hello, Kieran. Good seeing you again.
5 00581EDD Oh, hi Libby! I didn't know you were on duty for this run.
6 0056EFB2 0056EFBE Fine... Safe.
7 00581EE0 Carver. This is the wrong time, I'm the wrong person, and that was definitely the wrong way to do it. Direct, but not shaming.
8 0056EFB3 0056EFB6 So, how's the family? Slightly teasing because she knows he hates small talk.
9 00581EE7 I... Okay, that's embarrassing. I was just hoping to... Flustered
10 00573E52 00573ED2 No. Sternly breaking bad news. Maybe slight hesitation before.
11 00581EF4 You get used to it. Somewhat coldly, somewhat filled with regret.
12 00581EF5 Very true. There are things far more deadly than a gang of would-be bandits in those hills. Trust me on that one.
13 00573E53 00573EB8 Maybe we sent them running. You know, got 'em good and scared.
14 00581F0A How are you so calm, Libby? still scared himself
15 00581F0B Oh, that's right. You're pretty new to Blue Ridge. But, no, not so much. Big Bend is its own special nightmare for us merchants.
16 Not much choice in the matter, though. Believe it or not, it's the safest route to the western side of this mountain range.
17 00573E54 00573ED8 They know we're a threat now. I'm sure word has gotten back to the rest of their crew.
18 00581F10 Definitely not. So keep a tight formation, watch all sides. Don't leave any Brahmin on its own.
19 00581F11 Do any other routes see this much action?
20 00573E55 00573EBE Alright, well, let's get a move on. Talking to cow
21 00581EFD I guess that means this isn't going to get any easier, will it?
22 00581EFE Right, well, let's get moving.
23 00573E56 00573EA3 Well, this'll be a fun trip. Sarcastic, but still pleasant. Realizing the other guy is a total wet blanket.
24 00581EE1 Libby, I... uh... I'm good. Thanks for asking. Embarrassed, trying to get over it
25 00573E57 00573EBC (Cough) Awkward clearing throat
26 00581ED3 You know exactly what I mean. Let's take it from the top: Hi Carver, how are you today? Trying to be a little reassuring - "listen, you fucked up, it's fine, let's start over."
27 00573E58 00573ED6 That's good... Good. And my community is also fine and safe, thank you for asking. Trying to be nice, other guy is very awkward
28 00581F09 I'm, uh, don't know what you mean, I was just... Trying to play it off. Not working
29 00573E59 00573EA5 Ooh that was a mean one, nice going!
30 00573E5A 00573EC3 Just remember that I can't protect these Brahmin by myself! Somewhat urgent, in combat.
31 00581EFA Cold, Aries. I like it. Impressed, in combat
32 But don't leave me and the Brahmin to fend for ourselves! We're pretty exposed down here. in combat
33 00573E5B 00573EAA Alright, take it slow. No telling what's ahead.
34 00581EFF Easy now. Don't let them get the drop on us. Creeping forward
35 00581F00 Okay, let's see what these sneaky little eaglets have waiting for us...
36 00573E5C 00573ECB Not again... Annoyed but also concerned
37 00574FAD Okay, here we go. We got this. Nervous, he does not got this.
38 00574FAE Don't forget about the Brahmin! They'll be gunning for them. Sounds worried.
39 00573E5D 00573EB5 Blood Eagles, incoming! Shouting
40 00574FBF Ah, shit. Blood Eagles, incoming!
41 00574FC0 Contact, we've got contact! In battle
42 00573E5E 00573EB6 I'm alive! And I've still got wares to sell! Thank you! Let's head outside.
43 00573E5F 00573ED0 Looks like we're in the clear. Good work.
44 00573E60 00573EAF Make a break for it! Go, go, go! Hurried, concerned
45 00573E61 00573ECA There's an opening. Let's move out while we can.
46 00581EF0 We've got a clearing, now's our chance. Let's move, double time! In combat
47 00573E62 00573EA9 Enemies incoming. We need to hold up here. Watch our flanks, they'll come from all sides. Getting ready for combat
48 00581EEE Damn! It's an ambush! Hold out here as long as we can! Eyes on our 6, we're prone to an attack from the rear. Entering combat
49 00581EEF Here they come! Watch the rear, we're surrounded. We have to hold out until we can get an opening. In combat
50 Don't let those Brahmin out of your sight! in combat
51 00573E63 00573EC2 You hear that? Worried/concerned (sounds like enemies)
52 00581F01 I like you, Aries, but you're freaking me the hell out. Getting nervous
53 00573E64 00573EA4 Hold. Something isn't right.
54 I expected more retaliation for taking down a captain.
55 00581ED4 Do you feel that? A steady tremble from the dark. They approach.
56 00573E65 00573EBD Hrmm... Stop messing around.
57 00581F0C Just when I starting to like you, Carver... Disappointed in his choice of beer
58 00573E66 00573ED7 Of course I did, but look how I've finally got you talking, Kieran. Tell me, how was your childhood? Teasing
59 00581ED5 Yeah, I wasn't sure we'd make it out of there. Thanks for having my back.
60 But, um... do you think you could make that an Old Possum instead? a brand of beer
61 00581ED6 Golly. I can't wait. "Gaaaaah-ly." Sarcastic.
62 00573E67 00573EB7 The cliffs above makes travel by Brahmin too slow, too dangerous. The lack of cover leaves us vulnerable.
63 There are no roads that won't lead to a fight. At least this way is favorable for fighting larger numbers.
64 I would have thought you knew that, Eugenie.
65 00581EFB We fought well on that one. Good job, crew. Remind me to buy everyone a round of Blackwater Brew after this is over.
66 00581EFC We're not out of the woods yet. We just killed one of their captains. They're going to get a little... vengeful.
67 00573E68 00573ED1 That was a tough fight. Why don't we try taking the roads over the mountains next time?
68 00581EEC Phew... We're alive. We are alive, right?
69 00581EED Alright... We're doing okay. Making good time. Still breathing. Exhausted
70 00573E69 00573EB0 Don't leave us waiting too long, we're easy pickings here!
71 00573E6A 00573ECC Well done, the captain is down. The control for the gate is up top.
72 00573E6B 00573EAB Damn. They've got the gate closed. Looks heavily guarded.
73 That one up top looks like a captain. We need to take him out first.
74 00581EF9 Bastards. They closed the gate. The button is above us, but looks like they're holed in there pretty good.
75 Tough guy up top looks like their boss. Let's pay him our respects and get that gate open.
76 00573E6C 00573EC4 More coming! They're going full force because they knew the "ghoul merchant" was coming through. Entering combat
77 They always think we're a quick score... Let's make them regret it.
78 00581F05 We've got more incoming. Look alive! Entering combat
79 00581F06 Whoa! There's more of 'em coming!
80 00573E6D 00573EA6 Blockade ahead. We'll need to knock it down. I'll set some charges to clear the rubble. Watch my back.
81 They must be looking to stall us. Expect a serious fight ahead.
82 00581ED7 Hold. We've got a blockade ahead. They must be trying to buy time.
83 I'll take care of the wall, everyone else watch our six. Expect heavy activity on the other side.
84 00581ED8 Hm. Blockade ahead. What are they playing at. Leave the clean-up to me. You just watch for ambushes.
85 00573E6E 00573EBF That was practically an army. We must have gotten them all, right?
86 00581F0D I didn't think they'd come at us this hard... This isn't even a large shipment. Exhausted
87 00581F0E Man, they aren't messing around today. Exhausted
88 00573E6F 00573E9F No. This is just the start. Don't let your guard down.
89 00581F07 That's never made a difference to them before. We can't let our guard down.
90 00581F08 It's always kill or be killed with Blood Eagles. Can't even give them an inch.
91 00573E70 00573EB9 Wait, quiet. We've got trouble.
92 00574FF5 And you're lounging around making jokes? Stand ready for a fight! Second part is more of a callout to the entire team
93 00574FF6 Okay, stay sharp. Everyone hold position.
94 00573E71 00573ED3 Well, looking to be smooth sailing today, we--
95 00574FDA Whoa, Libby, I'm just messing around. Listen we've got some Blood Eagle reports coming in, so, uh... A little nervous
96 00574FDB It sounded like they've already overrun the second checkpoint. They'll be on us any minute. Concerned
97 00573E72 00573EB2 Oh you know, just another waltz through this magical tunnel.
98 00574FD9 Can't this ever be easy? Annoyed
99 00573E73 00573ECE Kieran, Eugenie. How ya'll doing?
100 00574FF7 Well, well, if it isn't the two youngin's out for a stroll. Did Vinny say it was okay for you guys to be out without a chaperone? Kind of an asshole
101 00574FF8 Oh good, you're here. We've got trouble, Blood Eagles, lots of them. Sounds troubled
102 00573E74 00573EAD Hrm. A somewhat "agreed" grunt
103 00574FC6 Okay, that's enough of that. Gentle, like "it's okay kid, chill out"
104 00573E75 00573EC6 Not that there's ever any shortage of hooligans to kill and treasure to find.
105 00574FC1 Oh, right. Thanks, Libby! I appreciate, the uh... stuttering, trailing off, nervous
106 00574FC2 Uh huh... Skeptical
107 00573E76 00573EA8 Right: our priority is protecting the Brahmin, not going on a killing spree or a treasure hunt.
108 00574FD6 That's correct. They'll try to attack from the rear when they see an opening so watch our backs.
109 Good call, Carver.
110 00574FD7 Don't know what you're talking about, Rudy, keep up.
111 00573E77 00573EC1 Oh, and if anyone wants to scout ahead, there may be some extra cargo lying around from our less successful ventures.
112 Just don't forget about the Brahmin.
113 00574FF1 Oh, and uh, it'd be good if you could stick close to the Brahmin. You never know when an attack will come. nervous bringing it up, awkward.
114 00574FF2 What was that part about "even at the cost of Rudy's life?" Did I hear that right?
115 00573E78 00573EA1 Hrmm... Let's move out.
116 00574FA9 Remember: you'll be paid for what makes it to the other side. Protecting the Brahmin is our top priority.
117 If you spot any loose cargo lying around, we'll provide a bonus, but do not leave those Brahmin vulnerable.
118 00574FAA Protect the Brahmin at all costs. Even at the sake of your own, or Rudy's, life. If we lose the Brahmin, we lose our pay. side mouth the "or Rudy's" part -- it's a joke
119 If you get lucky, you may spot some cargo that was lost on previous runs. We'll pay for that too. Let's head out.
120 00573E79 00573EBB We'll be carrying a load of premium arms and ammunition, so I'd appreciate an extra touch of care.
121 Hopefully the reward for getting me there in one piece will more than compensate for any bullets you... invest. Deliberately paced word play. With a bit of a chuckle.
122 00575026 We're just hauling some furniture and furs, but so far that hasn't stopped the Blood Eagles from trying to rob us. Nervous speaking publicly
123 00575027 Hi Rudy. He is rudy. It's the old "say goodnight babs" joke.
124 00574F2A 00574FA5 It did not.
125 00574F2B 00574F90 I don't think I could picture you doing something more mundane. Kieran the fisherman. Kieran the bar tender. Kieran the... professional singer.
126 So... I'm guessing it didn't work out, huh?
127 00574F2C 00574FB5 Yes. Many times in the past.
128 00574F2D 00574F96 Ever consider a less dangerous line of work, Kieran?
129 00574F2E 00581EDE See the world and all that? Maybe I'm a Marine after all. Dad must be so proud. "See the world" said like an advertisement. With a chuckle. Sarcasm at the end
130 00581EDF No, but the caps don't hurt.
131 00574F2F 00574F9A You know, I've been doing this traveling merchant thing for a while now.
132 I spent damn near a decade stuck in our compound, hiding from people that would kill us on sight just for being who we are.
133 I've found that rolling into town with supplies and caps to trade eases up the tension, get's people talkin' to you again.
134 The fact that I'm strapped to the teeth in fire power doesn't hurt neither. But some people, like the Blood Eagles... there's no discussion to be had.
135 00581EF1 If you don't mind me asking, why did you become a caravan guard, Libby?
136 00581EF2 So what were you up to before this caravan gig?
137 00574F30 00574FD8 Are you implying we're unqualified for this job? Would you like to step down here so I can provide a sample of my qualifications? Irritated
138 00581EB3 00581EE2 (Chuckle) A wicked chuckle
139 That's a box you don't want to open. with a smile
140 00581EB4 00581F0F The fuck, Aries? "what the fuck?"
141 00581EB5 00581ECF Let's hope no one is going to any graves today... Other than our enemies, as we cast their forsaken souls to hell itself. Starting cheerful, getting dark
142 Their screams echoing back as our merciless assault rips them from this mortal coil. Darkly we stride, tall and powerful, through this tunnel of death.
143 00581EB6 00581F02 The usual, food, water, various delicious secret family recipes that I'll take to the grave. That sort of thing.
144 00581EB7 00581ECC Rudy. What are we hauling today? Greeting Rudy.
145 00581EB8 00581EF3 Agreed. Let's move out! Make for the exit! In combat
146 00581EB9 00581EE6 Now seems as good a time as any! In combat.
147 00581EBA 00581EDB Solid work, crew. Mission accomplished. Now, let's head outside before more of them show up. formal then more casual at the end
148 00581EDC Well done, we're in the clear. Let's head out there while we can.
149 00581EBB 00581ED1 We... made it... Hoo! We made it! Out of breath/catching breath
150 00581ED2 I think... we lost 'em. Thanks, guys. Happy to still be breathing. Exhausted
151 00581EBC 00581F04 Not a chance. Tread carefully.
152 00581EBD 00581ECE Is it just me, or has it gotten really quiet? Think we've seen the last of them? unsure
153 00581EBE 00581EF7 I can understand that... Plus, we get to travel.
154 00581EF8 Caps, right? Bet it was the caps.
155 00581EBF 00581EE8 Exactly. If we hesitate, we die.
156 00581EE9 Honestly? I just needed a reason to get away from my family for a while.
157 I guess I can count myself lucky to have any family at all... But, I never really found my place with them.
158 My dad was a Marine, and in a way he still is. Like living with a drill sergeant. Mom is no better, she had a military background, too.
159 My brother and sister are more than enough for helping the camp. Not for me. I've always been good at shooting, so I may as well get paid for it.
160 00581EEA For years, I could barely breathe through the blood caked up in my throat. But little by little I found my footing again.
161 Even back then, there all sorts of shit you could get mixed up in. Mistakes you made weren't just wiped clean when the bombs fell.
162 So, I searched, and searched, until I didn't. That life ended with this caravan route. Found something here that gave me a reason to stay.
163 00581EC0 00581EE3 We've still got some, uh, enemy resistance down here. Let's get that gate open soon please? Trying to act cool, not working
164 00581EE4 These stragglers don't look to "demoralized," though, so help keep these Brahmin safe! In combat
165 00581EC1 00581ED9 Target eliminated. Well done. The button to open the gate should be up there as well.
166 00581EDA Their captain is dead. Good going. Get the gate open and let's clean up the stragglers.
167 00581EC2 00581EC9 We're going to have to cut through them. Looks like there's a captain up top. He's our priority target.
168 00581EC3 00581ED0 The gate's closed! How are we going to get through? Somewhat urgent, in combat.
169 00581EC4 00581F03 I... want to be here. hesitation then determination.
170 00581EC5 00581ECD I think you're doing fine, but you hesitate. This route doesn't end well for people who don't want to be here. Not mean, trying to be real
171 00581EC6 00581EF6 Well my mom used to do this before she got sick. And I guess Shelley could, but then we'd be down a trapper.
172 Why do you ask? I'm not very good at this, am I? Feels bad
173 00581EC7 00581ECB Is there no one else from your family that can run shipments for you, Carver? Hesitant to bring it up
174 00581EC8 00581ECA Great. A little more chipper
175 00583DA3 00583DA4 They're attacking from the back, watch your flank.
176 00583DA5 Watch our flank, incoming!
177 00583DA6 Watch the flanks! We've got more coming!
178 0058DEE3 0058DEE5 Okay, stay back. It's set to blow!
179 0058DEE6 Clear the area! I'm detonating the charge!
180 0058DEE7 Better step back. This thing's about to go "boom!"
181 00591DD8 00573ED5 Okay, crew, listen up. Our job is to escort these Brahmin to the other end of the tunnel.
182 Expect resistance. A lot of it. You'll be paid for each Brahmin that makes it.
183 00574FBD Fall in! The objective is very simple: keep both of these Brahmin safe while en route to the west end of the tunnel.
184 Expect armed resistance-- never been a run that hasn't had it. It'll likely be Blood Eagles, and it can come at any moment. Stay alert.
185 00574FBE Okay, gather round. Job is really simple, but also really dangerous, so listen up.
186 We're hiring you to protect these pack Brahmin and their merchant. Today, the role of merchant will be played by none other than Rudy. Say hi, Rudy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00573E81 00575003 Don't let them near the Brahmin. In combat
2 00575004 Not yet. Need to wait for the right moment. Keep fighting! In combat
3 00575005 The captain is still up. Can't move until he's down. In combat
4 00575006 Explosives incoming. Take that guy out, quick. In combat
5 00575007 Sniper. We need to take care of it. In combat
6 00575009 The Brahmin are getting hit. Remember why we're here. In combat
7 0057500A A waste of life. Let's go.
8 00583920 Suit yourself.
9 00583922 Mmhmm.
10 00583924 Understood.
11 00584B44 Damn it, guard those Brahmin! in combat
12 00584B45 The Brahmin are getting hit! Protect them! in combat
13 00584B46 Sniper! Quick, take them out! in combat
14 00584B47 Explosives, incoming! Watch yourselves. in combat
15 00584B48 Area secured. End of combat
16 00584B49 Take out that captain! in combat
17 00584B4B See you 'round.
18 00584B4C Don't let those Brahmin die, damn it! in combat
19 00584B4D The Brahmin are getting hit. We need to protect them! in combat
20 00584B4E Sniper fire, watch your head. in combat
21 00584B4F Damn. A sniper. Can someone kill it? in combat
22 00584B50 Explosives! Someone find them and deal with it! in combat
23 00584B51 We can't move forward until we've killed that captain. End them! in combat
24 00584B52 We're not going anywhere until that gate is open. in combat
25 00584B53 Hold out as long as you can! We still don't have an opening! in combat
26 00584B54 Hold your fire, it's over. combat over
27 00584B56 Oh no, the Brahmin! We've gotta help them!
28 00584B57 The Brahmin! They're getting hit!
29 00584B58 Help the Brahmin! They're in danger!
30 00584B59 What the-- they're sneaking up on us!
31 00584B5A Okay, uh, bye!
32 00584B5C The Brahmin are getting hit, do somethin'!
33 00584B5D We can't lose the Brahmin, protect them!
34 00584B5E Be sure to come back, now.
35 00584B60 My Brahmin! You can't let them die!
36 00584B61 Hey, look alive, the Brahmin are gettin' hit!
37 00584B62 This is a bust if the Brahmin die. Protect them!
38 00584D80 Perfect timing, I've got a group that's ready to roll out.
39 00584D81 Slow your horses there, bub. We're still getting things ready over here. Stop by a little later.
40 00584D82 Shit. Eyebots. They've rigged them up to explode on contact. Take them out before they reach the Brahmin! in combat
41 00584D83 Exploding Eyebots, incoming! Take 'em out, quick! in combat
42 00584D84 Kieran, Eugenie, you're up! Get a move on! Anyone looking to make a quick cap, head into the tunnel. Shouting to a group
43 00584D85 Break times over, people, let's get this caravan moving! Aries, Rudy, head on in. Any one looking for work, you found it. Get in the tunnel. Shouting to a group
44 00584D86 Okay, I want to see some Brahmin moving. Libby, Carver, shake a leg. Anyone else, if you can shoot, we will pay. Follow them in. Shouting to a group
45 00584D87 Those Eyebots are rigged to blow. Kill them, quick. In combat
46 00584D88 Eyebots heading for the Brahmin. Kill them before they explode. In combat
47 00584D89 Eyebots incoming! They're a priority target! Kill them before they blow up the Brahmin! in combat
48 00584D8A Spotted Eyebots. Take them out before they can detonate near the Brahmin! in combat
49 00573E8A 00573EC0 All over Appalachia. We ship to Foundation, Crater, a few smaller settlements here or there. Once we're west of Big Bend, the routes open up.
50 Since we're one of the few sources of outside cargo coming in, even the folks up in Crater give us a pass.
51 00573E8C 00573EA7 That would be Ms. Joanna Mayfield. Or Jo. But newcomers don't get to call her "Jo." So don't.
52 She's been in charge of things since before the war, when we was running trucks up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway.
53 She's running things from our headquarters, well away from here, but she's been planning a visit. We'll see.
54 00573E9A 00574FA7 Sure. Don't get cocky. Stay with the cargo. If those Brahmin get clipped, we can't carry the goods on foot.
55 You might find some loose cargo left behind from previous runs. If you manage to secure some, we'll give you a little extra pay.
56 But do not, and I repeat, do not let the Brahmin die just because you got greedy. Keep an eye on the caravan at all times.
57 You'll be paid a cut for whatever makes it to the other side. The more that gets through, the bigger your pay day.
58 00573E9C 00573EC5 We're always looking for another gun to hire. We're in the business of shooting anyone that gets between our merchants and their destination.
59 If you're interested in joining up, just ask me. I'll let you know if we've got a caravan ready to roll out.
60 Just be ready for a fight. We've been real popular lately, if you catch my meaning. It can turn into a regular fireworks show in there.
61 00573E9E 00573EC8 Greetings from the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. If you're here for work, let's talk. If you're just a lookie-loo, scram.
62 00573EC9 Welcome back, newcomer. Shipments are coming through 'round the clock. Keep an eye out, we'll give you a shout if there's more work.
63 00574FD1 Do I know you?
64 00574FD2 Hmph. An acknowledging grunt.
65 00582126 Is there something you need?
66 0058212A Need something?
67 0058212C Oh, h-- ahem - hello! Voice cracks, like a teenager, even though he's in his 20's. It's embarrassing.
68 0058212D Did you want to trade?
69 0058212F Here for trade?
70 00582130 Don't be shy. Come, talk.
71 00582132 How ya doin'?
72 00582133 Step right up!
73 00582135 Heard you've been helping out. That's good. Maybe I'll see you in there soon.
74 00582136 It's good to see someone out here that can take care of themselves. It's even better to have that person on our side.
75 00582137 Something I can do for you?
76 00582138 You had my back out there. Thanks. I'll try to return the favor.
77 00582139 Next time we need to prioritize protecting the Brahmin. This is all worthless if they don't survive.
78 0058213B The Blue Ridge Caravan Company is looking to hire capable people to assist with shipments. Talk to Vinny if you're interested.
79 0058213C Looking to help out? Head over to the east side of the tunnel and speak with Vinny.
80 0058213D Always happy to provide information ahead of our next run. Anything you need to know?
81 0058213E People like you really make a difference. Helping these caravans get through... it can be felt across Appalachia, you know.
82 0058213F Another run done, another shipment delivered. If my shift were over, I'd say let's grab a drink... but, it's not.
83 00582140 Damn. I really thought we had it. Looks like we both need a little more training before the next run.
84 00584B31 There's a notch to add to your belt. Looks like we were right to hire you.
85 00584B32 Don't worry. We can't, and won't, win them all. Be happy you're still breathing.
86 00584B33 Look at that! You haven't run off yet! Here for more work, or you got questions?
87 00584B34 Rudy has wares, if you have caps.
88 00584B35 I live to die another day. Thanks, buddy. I appreciate the assist.
89 00584B36 You, uh, know you're supposed to keep the Brahmin alive right? Just sayin'. May want to work on getting your priorities straight.
90 00584B37 You're new. Looking to join us as we defy death and plunge into the deep darkness of Big Bend? Talk to Vinny.
91 00584B38 Quietly a stranger approaches. Motives unclear. Their eyes shimmer in apprehension at the ghastly apparition that greets them. "Hello!" the apparition says gleefully.
92 00584B39 This world resists the positive changes we try to bring to it, but ever so slowly, our efforts make a difference.
93 00584B3A You're making quite the name for yourself. These merchants are good people, but they'd never make it through the tunnel without our help.
94 00584B3B Ah, fresh air! Well, freshly filtered ash-infested air! I'll take what I can get, as long as it means I'm still breathing.
95 00584B3C Don't be hard on yourself. The merchant isn't dead, and neither are you. We'll get 'em next time.
96 00584B3D Oh hey, I don't think I've seen you around here before. We've got a shipment going through the Big Bend Tunnel soon. Vinny could tell you more.
97 00584B3E Hey there. I've probably got time to trade if you need anything.
98 00584B3F Wow, I feel like you've really made a difference here already. I definitely feel safer knowing you're around.
99 00584B40 Hey, uh... It's okay. It's going to be a pretty big hit to lose a whole shipment like that, but it happens.
100 00584B41 I'm really glad you joined us! Things went a lot more smoothly with you there. I hope you keep working with us.
101 00584B42 Well, hey there. What brings you around these parts today?
102 00584B43 Glad you're on our side. I've got some extra firepower for sale if you need a little something for the next job.
103 00574F50 00583927 Guard the Brahmin. At all costs, guard the Brahmin.
104 00574F52 00583925 If that's what you want.
105 00574F54 00574FC4 We're the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. I'm really just a guard. If you want to know more, talk to Vinny Costa. Awkward pause before last question
106 00574F57 00574FEB Urgh...!
107 00574FEC Bastard. got hit
108 00574FED Grr... got hit
109 00574FEE Is that all? got hit
110 00584B2B Damn it!
111 00584B2C Ngh... I'm hit.
112 00584B2D Taking fire here!
113 00584B2F Ack! I'm hit.
114 00584B30 Leave me be, you bastards!
115 00574F5A 00582122 Who are you supposed to be?
116 00582123 Yeah?
117 00582124 What?
118 00582127 Stay sharp.
119 00582129 Look alive. as a greeting
120 00582134 If you're looking to help the caravan, talk to Vinny. We could always use another gun on our side.
121 0058DEE4 A caravan just shipped out. If you head in the tunnel now, you might be able to catch up with them. Better move it, though. move it = hurry
122 0058210E 0058211E Originally? Pretty far from here, closer to the capitol. My family has a camp there, but these days I'm mostly traveling with the caravan.
123 00582110 0058211B I'm just a caravan guard. I keep the merchants and their Brahmin safe during their routes.
124 00582114 0058211C What did you want to know?
125 00582116 00582120 Protecting the Brahmin is and always will be our top priority, but we'll pay a bonus for any lost cargo you can recover along the way.
126 But, keep in mind, we haven't been able to secure the deeper parts of the tunnel, so there's no telling what you'll run into.
127 00582118 0058211D This is Big Bend. We, the Blue Ridge Caravan Company, have been using it to move merchants to the west side of Appalachia.
128 Currently, we're trying to carve a path into Appalachia to improve trade and commerce with the settlements here. If you need more, talk to Vinny.
129 0058390E 0058391B Caps. No matter how messed up the world has gotten, there's always a need for money. Especially when you're not just taking care of yourself.
130 00583910 00583919 I'm a caravan guard. I escort the merchants and their Brahmin on their routes. Sometimes that requires a fight, sometimes it doesn't.
131 00584AF6 00584B26 Don't tell the others, but Libby is my guard of choice. Things just run a lot more smoothly with her at the helm.
132 Her family basically raised her like it was boot camp. I know they drive her batty, but they sure brought her up right. She's a real professional.
133 00584AF8 00584B1A When he's not brooding, he's moody. But, Kieran has a good heart, I know that for a fact. About as fun as swamp itch, though.
134 00584AFA 00584B23 You mean the folk keeping me alive? What did you want to know?
135 00584AFC 00584B24 Well, I was born and raised not far from here. I ended up leaving not long after becoming a ghoul. Let's say that things got a little dangerous.
136 Nowadays, I live in a small compound out in the hills. Just ghouls there, doing what we can to survive.
137 00584AFE 00584B18 See ya later, then.
138 00584B00 00584B21 My family runs a cannery and bakery a few days from here. Like Mama Dolce's up near Morgantown. Less killer communist robots, though.
139 Anyways, my brothers run the place. For a while I was the resident comedian. Ya know, tellin' jokes to guys working the machines.
140 I called myself "Director of Morale Enhancement." But, my brothers wanted me to take my act on the road.
141 Now I get to risk my neck running deliveries, tellin' jokes, and selling pepperoni rolls to you fine people.
142 00584B02 00584B16 Everyone says the same thing: "guard the Brahmin." Sure, that's important, but me? I'd aim for those caches. Vinny pays a mean bonus for those things.
143 Between you and me, I think he sells it himself. I sure as hell haven't gotten any missing pepperoni rolls sent back my way, if you know what I mean.
144 00584B06 00584B29 Well I was born around here actually, but my mom moved us sometime after the war.
145 Now we've live in a settlement out in what used to be Kentucky, I guess. Maybe it still is Kentucky?
146 I don't know, I tried reading some old geography text books as a kid, seemed like a waste of time now, though.
147 00584B08 00584B1D Don't let the Brahmin die. Please, please, please, don't let Brahmin die. Our entire shipment depends on their safety.
148 00584B12 00584B1B It was long ago, and not a memory that comes without effort to conjure.
149 00584B14 00584B17 It is the tide, bringing in what was lost at sea. Also, we provide protection for traveling merchants. Start dramatic, then casual for second sentence