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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vincent May-Lilly.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0019BE5F Hello.
2 CB05_Artist_IntroScene 00368E3F Hellooo! Come in, come in. It's not every day I receiver a visitor. calling out, sincerely thrilled but trying to keep your composure
3 Though, truth be told, I've been so focused on my work, I've hardly noticed the time pass. accidentally(?) boastful
4 00368E3A It's terrible to say, but I've gotten so much done since everyone went away. The peace and quiet has been positively glorious. confiding as if friends
5 00368E40 Once all the sirens and screaming finally died down, I was back to my old habits, freed from the degrading tedium of remediating dullards in the fine arts. making light of the end of the world... "dullards" being bratty rich highschoolers he was an art teacher for
6 I dare say, the world ending has been my liberation. I'm a true artist again! You think you are being very funny and clever. Last sentence is a shameless boast, but also you really feel grateful to be back to making real art
7 Well, as much as this tank of body allows -- though it does have its advantages, I suppose. dropping down a little into the doldrums (ploy for sympathy?), but trying to stay positive
8 00368E3B Come with me. Let's get the measure of your artistic sensibilities. "let's see what I have to work with here..." as if to determine the abilities of a new student
9 00368E3D Have a look at these. Both heralded by critics as true Vincent May-Lilly masterpieces. YOU are Vincent May-Lilly. Under played but not shy about bragging here.
10 The one from my younger impertinent years, the other just prior to the accident rendering me the brain-in-a-can standing before you... first beat amused, second darkening and trailing off as if remembering
11 Let me ask you, which do you prefer? pointedly, there is definitely a right answer here
12 00368E3C Interesting... as in, "you are clearly an idiot."
13 And now over here. continuing the "testing"
14 From my so-called "Kiln-craze years." with amused memory
15 Which of these vases evokes the strongest sense of the post-modern struggle for duality in an increasingly polarized world? a sincere question but also a test (the joke here being it's completely impossible to tell)
16 00368E42 And one final question, if you'll oblige me. with a shit-eating grin, saving the most difficult and most important test question for last
17 One of these is mine, the other two are imitations. Can you tell the true work of art form the rubbish? a most deliciously difficult question... imagine yourself peering over spectacles wolfishly - the gag here is that they are IDENTICAL
18 00368E3E Indeed! surprised, and thrilled
19 00368E41 Hmmm... Uh... hold on a minute, even YOU are having trouble determining which is which
20 Ah, yes. hesitantly... you THINK you are correct but not sure...
21 Yes! You are quite correct. you are sure (or at least faking it!)
22 The others are but poor forgeries, clumsily crafted by bumbling brutes. superiorly
23 It's astounding what the unrefined masses are willing to accept in the place of actual art. a real shame
24 CB05_Artist_Scene 00179BFA You appear to be of the discerning and capable sort. I could use some assistance procuring supplies.
25 00083531 Ah! You're wondering what possible use is all this rubbish.
26 Well, what to your untutored eyes is a mere list of junk, is indeed a list of most important soon-to-be-treasured Americana!
27 0008351C In time, our great American dream will fade from memory, to be replaced by... who-knows-what.
28 But I shall preserve the memory of the good old days, enshrining it in a grand installation... read into next line as same thought. line break for technical not artistic reasons.
29 Thus ensuring future generations can peer back to their heritage, through the ennobling lens of my artistic brilliance.
30 00083534 Aren't you lucky to play a small role in the creation of my magnum opus! But do please be quick about it. I'm anxious to begin!
31 00083535 Run along now. You are not alone, I have sent out others looking for these things as well.
32 00083515 Oh, and one last thing. If you happen to notice any Vincent May-Lilly works out in your travels, you will consider bringing them back to me?
33 I do hate to imagine any of them falling into the hands of vandals or worse, obscurity.