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Vincent May-Lilly is a former art teacher at Watoga High School.


Vincent May-Lilly is a famous Watogan artist and sculptor whose brain has been transplanted into a Robobrain. He taught an art course prior to the Great War at Watoga High School. Students were to compete for the exclusive twelve slots in his class.[1] The school's headmaster, Reginald R. Reinhold III, commented poorly of Vincent's art skills, saying he was a pretentious no-talent hack when he was alive, and as a Robobrain, his art skills are now twice as bad.[2]

After the Great War, Vincent became trapped in the high school, unable to escape it for twenty-five years. He has lost the ability to communicate. He has four images posted to his back: feces on a brain, a brain on top of blood with a mushroom cloud behind it, stick figures shooting guns at a bleeding robot, and the text UNPLUG ME.

Prior to the Great War, a student is said to have vandalized a robobrain teacher and was to appear before a student jury.[3]

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Vincent May-Lilly appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Vincent was planned for inclusion within the cut Magnum Opus quest. The cutting of this quest inspired a piece of graffiti seen in-game at Bolton Greens, featuring a mob killing a Robobrain.[Non-canon 1] He has unused dialogue which reveals he originally could speak and was going to be voiced by Bruce Barker. Vincent's unused dialogue shows he was envisioned to be an upbeat character who found the apocalypse a relief from society as he could focus on his art, and that he found the peace and quiet liberating. It is also revealed the nearby paintings and vases were intended to be his. However, in the final game, Vincent was turned into a mute and tragic character. Despite dialogue being removed, an interaction prompt still remains, although it yields nothing from Vincent.