For the ice cold variant, see Ice cold Vim Refresh.

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Vim Refresh is a soft drink in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Vim Refresh was even more energizing than Vim Quartz, and was flavored with apples.[1] Refresh looks the same as regular Vim, but with a light green color and a lime wedge design on the label. Rarer than Vim, it can be found in Vim machines. It is an upgrade to regular Vim, as the weight and lack of rads stays the same while the HP and AP gains increase, along with the added faster recovery effect.


Provided the recipe has previously been downloaded from the research terminal inside the laboratory on the roof of the Vim! Pop factory, Vim Refresh can be crafted at any cooking station.

Gourd (1)
Vim (1)
Vim Refresh (1)




No type of Vim including Vim Refresh confers any radiation to the consumer despite having been exposed to the Island's heavily irradiated environment for more than two centuries.


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