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This page is about the pre-War company. For the soft drink, see Vim.
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You've got... Vim!— Company slogan

Vim! Pop Incorporated was a pre-War softdrink manufacturer that operated out of Maine. Its main competitor in 2077 was the Nuka-Cola Corporation.[1]


Vim was created in 1931 by the Reed family. It was originally sold as a health tonic, where it found widespread popularity for years. In 2026, the original vim factory burned down and was recreated as the reception building for the Vim! Pop factory.[2]

By 2077, they had been offered a buyout by the Nuka-Cola Corporation, which was declined. The company then experienced severe sabotage; trucks were attacked and stolen, employees assaulted and vending machines sabotaged.[1]

Aubrey Copland was one of the perpetrators of these crimes on behalf of the Nuka-Cola Corporation. He and his team operated out of the basement armory, hidden under a gas station northwest of the Vim! Pop factory. As the air raid sirens sounded on the day of the Great War, he attempted to attack the factory with a missile launcher in the hopes of being able to blame it on an enemy attack.[3]

The company was forced to spend fifteen million dollars on repairs in the month of October alone. Doyle Reed, CEO of Vim, remained resilient to the buyout, hoping that the release of Vim Captain's Blend would increase profits and resolve the situation.[1] The bombs fell shortly after it was released, destroying the company and his dreams of better times.

Known facilitiesEdit

Vim! Pop Factory on Mount Desert Island, Maine - The main and only factory producing Vim.

Known productsEdit

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Vim is brown in color and bears the company's trademark red, white and black logo. Other varieties have different appearances.

In terms of restorative properties, basic Vim is the weakest of the four known flavors, yet still better than a bottle of regular Nuka-Cola. It restores 50% more health with the added benefits of being craftable and not subjecting the consumer to any additional radiation poisoning, thus making it useful especially during the early game stages. However, its usefulness is somewhat mitigated by only being available on the Island, a location the Sole Survivor probably will not visit for quite some time.

Vim RefreshEdit


Vim Refresh looks the same as regular Vim but with a light green color and a lime wedge design on the label. Rarer than Vim, it can be found in Vim machines. It is an upgrade to regular Vim, as the weight and lack of rads stays the same while the HP and AP gains increase, along with the added faster recovery effect.

Vim QuartzEdit


Vim! Pop Incorporated was in a dispute with Nuka-Cola over the use of "Quartz" in the drink title[4], as the latter company had already produced a drink with the name "Quartz," which is a special glowing white version of their signature drink, Nuka-Cola Quartz, which was regional exclusive in the Southwest Commonwealth. Nuka-Cola eventually won out, and it was predicted that Vim Quartz would be off the shelves by the following year. However, the bombs fell before any repercussions could take place.

Captain's BlendEdit


Vim Captain's Blend, test formula 10784, was in its testing state before the Great War. It hadn't yet been released on the market, though it was noted as being remarkably popular among focus groups. The #1 word used to describe the taste was "fishy." The company higher-ups were confused as to the popularity of the taste and were hesitant to put it out for a full release. The inspiration for the drink's odd flavor came from the request to put the "taste of Maine in a bottle." In fact, even the CEO hadn't been made aware of the ingredients causing the popular fishy taste.

The Captain's Blend is a result of the research and development team taking bottles of Vim and mixing in fiddleheads, lobster shells and various extracts. Aster was later added to mask the aroma of the lobster shells.

One thing working to the detriment of Captain's Blend, however, was testers remarking that it caused an odd-smelling sweat. One tester remarked that another "smelled like a pier" after drinking the beverage.


  • Vim originally held the copyright to Quartz, but lost it to the Nuka-Cola Corporation.[1]
  • Up until shortly before the Great War, Vim utilized T-51 power armor suits painted with their various liveries as their "ambassadors" for marketing purposes. Considering the state of international affairs as well as the company's severe financial troubles back then, it is somewhat unclear how they managed to acquire what was, at the time, the pinnacle of a top-secret military technology, for use as soft drink mascots.[1]
  • In 2077, Vim was being considered by Maine to be adopted as the state's official drink.[2]
  • The Nuka-Cola Corporation is secretly engaged in violent sabotage operations against Vim! Pop Inc. The saboteur's basement can be found under an independent gas/petrol station north-west of the factory in an unmarked location inhabited by super mutants.[1]


Vim! Pop Incorporated appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It is mentioned in Fallout 76 through various advertisements and posters.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vim is a reference to the real-world beverage Moxie, the official state beverage of Maine. This is further reinforced by the Captain Blend's slogan, "The Taste of Maine in a Bottle," which is identical to Moxie's slogan.



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