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For the village inhabitants of Arroyo in Fallout 2, see Arroyo villager.
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Gametitle-FO76 One Wasteland

Villagers are residents of the treehouse village in Appalachia in 2103.


As humans returned to Appalachia in 2103, this group of villagers took up residence in the treehouse village and converted it into their own home. However, they arrived sometime after the Foundation Settlers and Crater Raiders, being one of the newest groups of Appalachian residents.[1]

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character has no special interactions.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death


  • Villagers can be attacked and killed without consequence. Other villagers will not turn hostile.
  • Villagers share dialogue and appearances with generic Settlers.


Villagers appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is a cut dialogue quest (CUT_BS01_Dialogue_TreehouseVillage), as well as several cut voice types for the villagers. New content at the treehouse village has been developed since Wastelanders, including a cut quest known as Restoring Mosstown (CUT_W05_Community_Treehouse_Village_Quest). "W05" is an editor ID intended for content that is part of Wastelanders, while "BS" relates to the upcoming Steel Dawn content. The future of the treehouse village and its associated quests is not entirely clear.


  1. The villagers were introduced with One Wasteland For All, which follows Wastelanders in terms of story progression.
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