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I never thought I could feel so at home in the apocalypse.— Villager

Villagers are residents of the Retreat in Appalachia.


The villagers hail from all walks of life, but have all joined together to become one found family under the kindness and acceptance preached by Jennie Brown, who since became their leader.[1] Returning to Appalachia amid other humans but sometime after the Foundation Settlers and Crater Raiders in 2103,[2] they came across the abandoned treehouse village and converted it into their own home, renaming it "the Retreat."

Shortly after their arrival, the Retreat was threatened by Dagger and her Blood Eagles. As such, the villagers have increased their concerns about village security and stay vigilant against potential attacks, also translating to a slightly less trusting view of outsiders.[3] Nevertheless, they still welcome visitors with kindness, even warning them to take caution not to fall from the elevated platforms of the Retreat.[4]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

FoS ghost costume
This character ignores combat and cannot be damaged.
Icon interactions essential
This character cannot be killed.


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Notable villagers[]


  • When the villagers were first added to the game with the One Wasteland For All update, they could be attacked and killed without consequence. Other villagers would not turn hostile. The Steel Dawn update made them essential with the "ghost" flag, ignoring attempts at combat.
  • Villagers partially share dialogue and appearances with generic Settlers.
  • If one has the Marsupial mutation, villagers may comment on it, noting how it presents an unexpected risk to their security.[5]


Villagers appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update and expanded upon in Steel Dawn.

Behind the scenes[]

There is a cut dialogue quest (CUT_BS01_Dialogue_TreehouseVillage), as well as several cut voice types for the villagers. In-game, the villagers share voice types and actors with the Settlers. A cut quest at the treehouse village was added to the game files with Wastelanders, known as Restoring Mosstown (CUT_W05_Community_Treehouse_Village_Quest). "W05" is an editor ID intended for content that is part of Wastelanders, while "BS" relates to Steel Dawn content. With the release of Steel Dawn, the treehouse village was renamed to the Retreat and its content was solidified as part of the Steel Dawn questline.


  1. Villager: "Have you met Miss Jennie? She's responsible for our little family here."
  2. The villagers were introduced with One Wasteland For All, which follows Wastelanders in terms of story progression.
  3. Villager: "You should leave. Sorry... I'm wary of outsiders, what with Dagger holding us hostage."
  4. Villager: "Hey, be careful not to fall."
  5. Villager: "How'd you learn to jump like that? This could be problematic for village security..."