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The police station... Ghost People love this place, no idea why. Might be the Holograms nearby.Dean Domino

The Villa police station is a location in the villa in the Sierra Madre in 2281.


Before the Great War, this building was the headquarters for the Villa police. They were functionally operational during the construction of the Villa and before the grand opening Gala Event. Made up of former policemen, Frederick Sinclair would continually make rounds ensuring that they were operating efficiently. At first he was followed by his holographic security, however in time he would stop the practice. This was all in an attempt to secure the Sierra Madre from all threats foreign and domestic.

To that end, Sinclair ordered that certain objects were to be banned from the premises. What Sinclair may not have known was that despite his efforts, there was a significant amount of corruption among his personnel, especially from the man responsible for the construction of the Villa, Mr. Yesterday.

Sinclair's prohibition list would prove difficult to enforce, and the Villa police chief told him as much, although he wouldn't tell Sinclair everything, as he too was in on the take. To help, Sinclair would have an automated system installed that would confiscate items on the list and/or with even the slightest bit of radiation and ship them back to the visitor's source address.

When the chief asked Sinclair about items already in the Villa (tactfully not mentioning the construction crews), Sinclair dismissed it. Within an hour of Sinclair's speech, his contractor Mr. Yesterday met the chief to ask how "hardnosed" the chief was going to be. With this came thinly veiled threats, Mr. Yesterday emphasizing to the chief that he couldn't guarantee he could keep the chief supplied if the chief didn't treat his "friends" with the same respect.

With the new security system installed, the police would continue to confiscate any personal items that could be dangerous or foreign, and ensure they knew who entered and who left. The system also helped keep track of those who came in and left; however, it didn't account for what the people would do once they were inside, nor did Sinclair care. When the chief asked again about watching the construction crews, Sinclair said that was a "Villa matter," essentially delegating the responsibility to Mr. Yesterday. Sinclair was only concerned that there were no more accidents among the construction crews and the construction would continue.

Two hundred years later, the location became a hunting ground for ghost people.[1][2][3] Despite the difficulty, Dean Domino would scavenge the place for shotguns, "land mines," and other explosives.[4] Several radios have been left turned on, a terminal entry explains the reason. A Villa police officer was so excited for the Gala Event that he decided to turn on all the radios in the station to hear the event wherever he went.


The larger cell contains Dog. The police station has a usable bed and a reloading bench, that can be found in the third room to the right of Dog's cage.

There are four radios on the upper floor, several in one room, and another in the basement, any of which could potentially detonate the Courier's collar. All of these radios can be switched off manually or destroyed with weaponry.

The contraband room is located immediately left of the main entrance to the police station, but to access the room, the police chief's Hard locked terminal must be hacked. Reading the "Prohibited Items" entry on the terminal will count towards the History's Sake challenge. Inside the contraband room are various weapons, ammunition and other miscellaneous items. In the third cell in the row at the back of the station, behind a locked cell door is a ¡La Fantoma!. On the first floor in the room with a reloading bench, on the first shelf to the right is a Programmer's Digest.

The basement consists of five rooms. The radio signal in the first room comes through the grille from the back room. There are various containers and lockers with random miscellaneous loot in each basement room, including Sierra Madre chips. The first room has a terminal with some background information and a step ladder that leads to a Milsurp Review, Tæles of Chivalrie and Fixer on top of the tall wooden boxes.

A janitor's closet, to the right upon entering the second room, has some liquor and a bottle of Buffout in open containers and a copy of Grognak the Barbarian lying on the floor. The final room contains the Dog command tape sitting next to the radio.

Notable loot

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  • If Dean Domino is a companion when nearing the police station, he is reluctant to get any closer for fear of the ghost people there, stating that the ghost people use the area to hunt in. However, in reality, there is only a single one outside the station and none inside.
  • The police station is one of the only places where the Courier can rest in the villa, as most other buildings with beds are in even worse shape and exposed to the Cloud.
  • Emergency lights provide most of the light inside the dimly-lit station.
  • Upon visiting for the first time, Elijah repeats his warnings about the dangers of speakers and radios.[5]

Companion comments

Location comments
Character Comment
Dean Domino "What are we doing in here? Planning to toss me in a cell?"
"Never liked the Chief here, real stickler for "policy.""
"Made off with a lot of mines, shotguns, and explosives from here... wasn't easy with the Ghost People around."
Christine Royce [Christine studies the area, then the Police Station. She pretends to unload a weapon and holds up the imaginary cartridge, waving it.]


The villa police station appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.



  1. Dean Domino: "We're not heading to the police station, are we? Ghost People hunt there."
    (Dean Domino's dialogue)
  2. Dean Domino: "The police station... Ghost People love this place, no idea why. Might be the Holograms nearby."
    (Dean Domino's dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "What can you tell me about the Villa and the town?"
    Dean Domino: "Residential area, clinic, police station - should keep away from the police station, it's a Ghost People hangout. Salida del Sol, Puesta del Sol are East Town, West Town. "Sunrise" and "Sunset." Or were when the streets and sky weren't covered with toxic gas. Ghost People don't come into the Villa much. West Town and East Town, though... they're thick with the Cloud and Ghost People. Like hunting grounds."
    (Dean Domino's dialogue)
  4. Dean Domino: "Made off with a lot of mines, shotguns, and explosives from here... wasn't easy with the Ghost People around."
    (Dean Domino's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken when at the Villa police station with him as companion for the third time.
  5. Father Elijah: "Speakers and radios interfere with the bomb collar frequency, and can trigger the detonators. It is an unfortunate side effect, one I did not anticipate. I was unable to calibrate the collars to block the signals - so you'll have to make do."
    (Father Elijah's dialogue) Note: these lines are called "NVDLC01ElijahRadioPolice" in the game files, and are said the first time the player enters the Villa Police Station