Victor H. Hibbe was a former Vault-Tec University student who lived on the roofs of Morgantown after the Great War.


Victor was a good student, once winning the annual Vault-Tec University Student Leadership Award.[1] He used to help other students cheat on their exams but found that this did not translate into goodwill from his peers in the post-apocalypse.[2]

During the Morgantown House Wars, he became friendly with Alisha Parker, a fellow roof-dweller who had not joined either of the student gangs which ruled the area. She eventually stopped talking to him, presumably because she had died from radiation poisoning. After this, he had nothing to do but catalog constellations and wish he was somewhere else, even beginning to contemplate going to street level and risking the roving gangs there.


Victor Hibbe is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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