"Metallic Monks"
Keeps to himself, mostly. You want to know more about him, you'll have to ask him yourself. He has a shack on the southern edge of town.Doc Mitchell

Victor's shack is where Victor lives in Goodsprings in 2281.


Victor's shack is located directly south-east of the schoolhouse, just past the ruins of an old house. Upon entering the building, there is a usable bed directly to the right, a desk directly in front of the Courier, shelves to the left of the desk, both of which hug a central support column, and shelves along the right wall at the foot of the bed. There are two ammunition boxes, one at the back of the shack on top of the work table and one on top of the right hand side shelves. There is an oven and a sink with rad-free drinking water. There are also usable shelves on the left wall, above the oven and the adjacent work table. The Courier is free to use the shack as they wish, as nothing inside is flagged as owned, and Victor does not mind the Courier trespassing.

Notable lootEdit

There is a weapon repair kit on the desk.


Victor is not usually present as he tends to roll around. Also an inactive "Victor" is usually found in front of the shack once he has gone to New Vegas.


Victor's shack appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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