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This is a transcript for dialogue with Layla.


GREETING GREETING Surprise 50 What are you doing here? This is our casino, punk. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Gotta run! No time to chat! 2
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic000 Hey, just checking the place out. Now I'll just be on my way... Neutral 50 We don't take kindly to tourists on our turf. You're gonna need to pay a fine if you want to leave in one piece. 100 caps should cover it. 3
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic001 Okay. Here. Neutral 50 Thanks. We're leaving now, we don't want no more trouble. 4
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic002 I don't have that many caps. Neutral 50 Alright, since you look new and didn't know better, we'll cut you some slack. 50 caps. 5
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic003 But I don't even have that much. Neutral 50 That's alright, we'll take what we can from your body before the law shows up. 6
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic004 <Pay 50 caps> Okay, here. Neutral 50 Thanks, Let's get out of here boys. 7
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic005 <Attack> I guess I'll serve as their justice then. Neutral 50 You won't live to regret those words! 8
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic017 Punk? Thats my line. Neutral 50 Heh, you've got moxy, buddy, but we don't take kindly to tourists on our turf. 100 caps should cover this trip into our territory. 9
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic021 Are you deserters? Neutral 50 I like to think that we are Prisoners Of War that managed to escape before capture. 10
Neutral 50 I don't know how long it'll be before the Legion crosses the river, but sure as fuck I don't want to be wearing a NCR uniform when they get here. 11
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic023 I guess I can understand that. Neutral 50 We figured we'd make some money in New Vegas and then beat feet. 12
Neutral 50 Then we'd head north or something and take our caps to start up a ranch or something. 13
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic024 <Attack> Well then. It sounds like there might be a bounty on your heads. Neutral 50 Perhaps, but you won't be the one to collect! 14
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic025 So that's it? You've resorted to robbing and raiding to solve your problems? Happy 25 Our luck has gone south since we lost all of our money gambling in Vegas. We didn't go AWOL from duty to become raiders. 15
Neutral 50 But we've seen what the Legion does to people that survive their battles. We wanted to be gone before the fighting starts. 16
Neutral 50 And we heard there may be some safety up in New Canaan. 17
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic026 <Attack> Well, I think your luck just ran out. Neutral 50 Looks like we've got a wannabe hero on our hands, boys. 18
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic027 Why not just turn yourselves in? Neutral 50 No fucking way. We're deserters now, the NCR isn't going to throw us a ticker-tape parade for going home. 19
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic028 You're right. You're totally screwed. Neutral 50 I'm getting tired of your chatter. Hand over 100 caps, or we start using you for target practice. 20
Your turf? I guess the news hasn't reached you yet, Primm has law again. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Fuck, we lose again. 21
Neutral 50 We heard Primm was ripe for the picking, so figured we could come here and shakedown some of the suckers. We weren't expecting a sheriff here. 22
Neutral 50 We're just trying to put as many miles from NCR as we can, we don't want to be anywhere near New Vegas when the Legion crosses the river. 23
I can help if you'll let me! Neutral 50 [FAILED] I seriously doubt that. You've got about as much personality as a baked potato. 24
Neutral 50 I'm getting tired of your chatter. Hand over the caps, or we start using you for target practice. 25
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic031 <Attack> Well, in that case, maybe I'll do the town a favor and take you down. Neutral 50 So be it. Perhaps your corpse will be better at coughing up the caps... 26
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic033 Well, they do have a few more troops than the four of you... Neutral 50 No biggie there. We've been avoiding the patrols and staying low key until this mess. 27
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic037 It would be safer to run and find someplace to hide. Neutral 50 Maybe you're right. Come on, boys, lets get the hell out of here before the law shows up. 28
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic039 <Attack> Murdering deserters. Well, I think I've heard enough. Neutral 50 And it'll be the last thing you hear! 29
VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic040 I imagine the NCR doesn't deal with deserters kindly. Neutral 50 Yeah, if we see the NCR, they'll be waiting for us with a bullet to the brain pan. 30
Neutral 50 So what are we supposed to do, just run? 31