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Vertibots are robots found in Appalachia.


Developed before the Great War, Vertibots are automated Vertibirds[1] utilized by the United States Armed Forces. In the late 2060s, the U.S. Army deployed cargobots all over Appalachia to provide reconnaissance and deliver supplies.[2] The Strategic Air Command used these cargobots, protected with at least three Vertibots each, to deliver additional nuclear keycards if the DEFCON rating continued to lower.[3] Vertibots were also part of the cancelled Sugar Grove BR-04 "LOCUST" project, which planned to create a self-directed bugging network swarm capable of covertly accessing enemy installations, hacking into mainframe systems, and extracting data of interest. However, engineering research indicated that an aircraft equipped with Project LOCUST technology would be approximately around the size of a sedan, making covert actions by a swarm infeasible and thus rendering the project obsolete.[4]

After the Great War, the Fire Breathers at the Ash Heap targeted survey Vertibots in order to obtain valuable salvage from its wreckages.[5] By 2104, since the DEFCON level at Whitespring Congressional Bunker is maintained at 1, the SAC system continues to function across Appalachia. Moreover, lone Vertibots can occasionally be spotted surveying the region.


FO76 Vertibot orthogonal.png

Vertibots are an automated version of the standard Vertibirds. Autonomous in nature, they appear similar to the piloted variants. Vertibots can be visually distinguished from vertibirds by their opaque windows and inaccessible cockpits. Vertibots are usually found escorting cargobots and will turn hostile if either the cargobot or the Vertibot itself is attacked by the player character.

Gameplay attributes

Vertibots are high level robotic enemies, challenging to fight due to their generous armor, health pool, and ability to fly. If attacked, the Vertibot will continue attacking until it either is destroyed, kills the attacker, or loses interest. In that case, it will not respond to any harassment fire. Survey Vertibots identical to the regular ones appear during the Fly Swatter event in the Ash Heap, allowing for a near-constant supply of Vertibots to shoot down. Three under the Strategic Air Command will usually appear escorting a SAC cargobot carrying a nuclear keycard and will attack anything that either attacks them or the cargobot.

If a player character controls a public workshop with a Vertibot landing pad, the pad can be repaired to spawn a friendly Vertibot, which will automatically take off and attack enemies. Vertibots can be summoned by vertibot signal grenades collected from a yellow box near the landing pad, and will arrive to assist the player character in combat. However, the assisting variant has lower stats. Vertibots are resilient to ballistic attacks but explosive and energy weapons prove effective against them.


Fallout 76 workshops

Some of the public workshops in Appalachia have a landing pad, which can spawn a Vertibot if the landing pad is repaired and fully operational. The Vertibot defends the workshop and the general area surrounding it until all threats are eliminated, at which point it returns to the landing pad to repair and recover health. If it is destroyed, repairing the landing pad spawns a new one. A crate of Vertibot signal grenades will always appear next to the pad. Using them will summon the Vertibot, which will come flying from the workshop, even if the player is far away. If the player doesn't own a workshop with a functional landing pad, the Vertibot won't be summoned after utilizing the signal grenades.

Workshops with functional landing pads are:


Name (Form ID)AbilitiesItems
Survey Vertibot
Strategic Air Command Vertibot


Vertibots are referred to internally as Vertibirds in the game files.[6]


Vertibots appear in Fallout 76.



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