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Vertibird is a designation for a series of VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) craft. These multipurpose tiltrotor aircraft were developed by the United States military[1] and rapidly became a primary gunship and transport aircraft.


Developed by the Department of Defense as early as 2072,[2] the original Vertibird was created as a multipurpose tiltrotor vertical take-off aircraft. While utilized early on in the days before the Great War, certain companies got word of its development, and began planning the use of it for their own methods.[3] Following the success of the initial design, the military commenced work on a superior model, hoping to improve on virtually every aspect of the original: Better armor, better weapons, better speed and cargo capacity, everything. When the Great War struck in 2077, the XVB02 Vertibird was still in the prototype phase, scheduled to enter full military service in 2085.[1]


The Vertibirds utilized on the East Coast have transparent cockpits, sliding doors on the cabin, a pintle-mounted minigun on the left-hand side, and folding wings and rotors. The Vertibird also has a docking hook along the top near the tail, that links with the docking hook/arm on the flight deck of the Prydwen. Different from previous models is the model's retractable landing gear, in a different configuration with one along the centerline at the front of the aircraft and the other three in a tricycle layout at the rear of the fuselage.

Its armaments consist of two front-facing cannons and dual miniguns. There is one known model used by the pre-War United States Armed Forces and Arthur Maxson's Brotherhood of Steel, a bulkier transport model with a glass cockpit, retractable side doors, collapsible wings, and two additional jet engines behind the main cabin.

The Vertibird's VTOL flight mechanics allow it to approach landing zones with the speed of a fixed-wing aircraft and transition into a hovering mode of flight, by tilting its rotors vertically upwards 90 degrees.

Vertibirds lack the large armament package seen in the Capital Wasteland and are only armed with two fixed forward-firing machine guns and a crew operated minigun mounted on the left-hand side. When dropping the Sole Survivor off in an area inhabited with hostiles, the Vertibird will sometimes support them by firing on the hostiles with its machine guns.

Vertibirds are easily destroyed by all ranged weapons, and can be targeted in V.A.T.S. When a Vertibird is airborne and takes enough damage, it starts spinning on its Y axis, similar to how helicopters spin when they lose their tail rotor, before crashing into the ground and exploding, similar to a mini nuke explosion. The Vertibird usually breaks up into four large pieces upon crashing, releasing small amounts of radiation for a short while. However, if the Vertibird takes an immense amount of damage - such as a direct hit with a two-shot fat man MIRV or an upgraded explosive minigun - the Vertibird will slowly fall to the ground and pass through it. Marking with a recon scope can show its progress under the terrain.

Although the Brotherhood of Steel are the only faction to have a confirmed fleet of vertibirds in Fallout 4, the Gunners are also confirmed to own at least one.[clarification needed] The Minutemen and the Railroad may also come into possession of a single Vertibird.


The Vertibird appears in the opening sequence of the game, flying over Sanctuary Hills and landing next to the entrance of Vault 111. Another vertibird hovers over the Old North Bridge. Later, several crashed and wrecked Vertibirds can be found throughout the Commonwealth. Nearby the wrecked Vertibirds, power armor can commonly appear.

Operational Vertibirds are seen after the quest Reunions when a Brotherhood of Steel force shows up with the Prydwen. Afterward Brotherhood of Steel Vertibirds are seen flying, sometimes in pairs, throughout the Commonwealth deploying squads or firing on hostiles. After the quest Show No Mercy, the player character gains the ability to call in a Brotherhood of Steel transport Vertibird by using a Vertibird signal grenade. They also gain the ability to call a Vertibird after the Nuclear Option, when siding with the Railroad or alternatively, after completing With Our Powers Combined for the Commonwealth Minutemen.


  • The Vertibird has a sliding door and one door-mounted minigun on the left hand side. And also have a mechanism to slide the minigun from one door to the other.
  • If one selects land while traveling to a location on accident, re-selecting the location will result in arriving at the originally selected location. The vertibird can also change destinations mid-flight in the same fashion.
  • During flight, the Vertibird's wings will change position.
  • Brotherhood Vertibirds lack any Brotherhood insignia.
  • Vertibirds can fold up their wing and rotor assemblies when not in use to reduce the space they take up. This can be seen when one is docked onto the Prydwen.
  • Traveling by Vertibird is significantly faster than fast-traveling, even when factoring in the time for the aircraft to arrive.
  • Travel by Vertibird can add fast-travel locations to the Pip-Boy while en route.
  • Wearing power armor while traveling aboard a vertibird will still drain the armor's fusion cores. Even though one is not physically moving the armor, the vertibird travel still counts towards the depletion of the fusion energy.
  • The vertibirds beside the Prydwen upon its arrival are unmanned.
  • While flying over a raider captured outpost, the turrets and raiders there will attack the vertibird and pilot, but will neither be able to hit it nor be hostile against the Sole Survivor.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name "Vertibird" is the trademark for a toy helicopter playset popular in the 70s.
  • The design is similar to the tilt-rotor Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, as well as the tilt-wing LTV XC-142.
  • While the design of a Vertibird is convenient, its dual rotor-blades serve as a flight hazard, for if the aircraft were to suffer a single rotary malfunction at a substantial altitude, the Vertibird's airframe and distribution of down-wash would cause the aircraft to fall on its side in a dramatic and likely fatal crash. In addition, the Fallout 4 version, due to its narrow landing gear footprint and high center of gravity, would easily topple to the side during landing.


  • PCIcon pc The wreckage from a destroyed Vertibird may continue to move long after it has crashed, sending (harmless) fuselage spinning over and over around the crash-site.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox OneIcon xboxone Boarding a signaled Vertibird that has landed in Boston Common Pond will cause you to remain irradiated, even after landing.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox OneIcon xboxone Idling long enough inside the Vertibird to where the camera pans around the character in third person, then moving the camera after landing, may cause the player to become stuck inside, and the Vertibird will take off with the player unable to move. After a few moments, the player will fall out of the Vertibird.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox OneIcon xboxone When a vertibird runs out of health, it is supposed to spin wildly out of the air and crash into the ground. However, sometimes a glitch occurs where it gets staggered while this is happening, causing the vertibird to become 'zombified'. It will hover in the air and slowly drift towards the ground, sometimes even sinking into it rather than exploding like it should. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc The Vertibird can suffer from Wounding Legendary weapon effect (bleed). With enough sequential hits and using enough powerful weapon, like Pickman's Blade, the Vertibird's life can be seen diminishing from bleeding through V.A.T.S. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 The Vertibird can suffer from having the minigun disappear after the player has taken off, essentially making it defenseless for the remainder of the journey. there seems to be no set trigger. moving or not moving, panning the camera or not. zoomed in or out. [verified]



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