Vernon Square station (also known as Mount Vernon Square) is a major square in Washington, D.C.


In the middle of Basso Blvd on the west side with the cross-section of Salem Street are the Vernon Square station, a small parking area, and bus stop. The station itself is highly built up with shops crowding the west, north, and southern sides of the station. The station itself is covered with a broken clear plate glass ceiling held up by ornate ironwork on top of a raised platform. The entrance to the station is an archway gate situated on the western side of Basso Blvd. Also in the parking lot, there is a Pulowski Preservation shelter that contains a radiation suit.[1]

There are two building shells that have access to the pedestrian overpass over the street entrance to the Vernon Square Station. One on the north side, on the corner of Basso Blvd. and Mount Vernon Place, and the other to the south of that in between the Vernon Square street entrance and the hospital. Both the building shells consist of 3 climbable floors but only the one to the north has remnants of office furniture, the one to the south has no furniture. Taking this route at the ground floor of the southern building shell to the south is an alternate entrance to the hospital. This entrance can also be accessed through the parking lot part of the station complex.



Vernon Square station appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide p. 425, it's numbered 12.E
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