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Vernon East/Takoma Park is a tunnel in the partly caved in Metro. It gives a route from Vernon Square to Takoma Park.


Its Vernon Square East entrance can be reached from the Vernon Square side by traversing the radioactive ground above the sewer, it is located behind the rocket crash site and the ruins of the structure the rocket crash is located.

The tunnel is mostly collapsed and has a small amount of irradiated water along the train tracks. The tunnel itself is linear and goes directly from Vernon Square to Takoma Park. It has numerous twists and winds past a large amount of collapsed rubble. Near the Abernathy section, a status board still reads that the metro is operational in 2277, despite its destroyed state.

A few super mutants are found here as well as several mirelurk hunters. At higher levels, the hunters are replaced with mirelurk kings, in clusters of up to three. It is also possible at higher levels, some of the super mutants may be replaced with super mutant overlords with the Broken Steel add-on.

Notable loot


  • At the Takoma Station, there is a large pile of rubble due to a tunnel collapse in the station area (in place of the normal overhead walkway). This rubble reaches the ceiling most of the way along, however it can be jumped over. Just be warned that once over it is impossible to get out.
    • The exception to this on PC is to toggle collision command tcl to get out.
  • In the Takoma Station men's washroom, there is a mirelurk egg in a toilet in one of the stalls which can be opened for hatchling mirelurk meat and a chance for softshell mirelurk meat. A similar egg is also in a stall two stalls down but has already hatched or was broken. The larger egg cluster directly in front of the stall with the large egg in the toilet in the men's washroom also can be opened with a chance for softshell mirelurk meat. Both washrooms contain clusters of mirelurk eggs, suggesting they are using them as hatcheries. In this regard, clusters of middle-sized eggs and single, large eggs are not the same and each has a chance to grant different grade mirelurk meat.
  • Though the local map calls this area Vernon East/Takoma Park, the writing on the wall indicates that this is Abernathy station, which is shown on the DCTA Metro map. This means it is part of the White Line. That map shows Vernon Square station to the west, then a station called "Becton" before the Abernathy station. Signs at Vernon Square Station indicate that the tunnels on the right lead to Becton Metro station. However, these tunnels are marked as "Metro Junction" and lead to this station.


Vernon East/Takoma Park appears only in Fallout 3.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Approximately halfway through the subway there is a floating breeze block.[verified]