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Vera Keyes' medical report is a holotape in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


It can be given by Christine Royce in conversation after finishing Last Luxuries, or downloaded from the Mk I Auto-Doc in Vera Keyes' room in the Executive suites. For Curtain Call at the Tampico the medical report can be shown to Dean Domino.


/Sinclair Access 301
Subject: Keyes, Vera
Condition: Terminal


There's not much more we can do for Miss Keyes except keep her comfortable. Her exhaustion will persist, as will the insomnia.

Recommend continuing Med-X/Superstim treatments. This is not a viable long-term solution. The pain will persist and increase over time, and the dosages she's currently taken already carry the risk of overdose. Based on discussions, I also fear allowing Miss Keyes access to those amounts of Chems may lead to purposeful overdose, and recommend psychiatric evaluation as well.

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