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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vera Weatherly.


Bed How much for a room? Neutral 50 Only 120 caps. You won't get a better deal than that. 1
BedNO No, thanks. Neutral 50 Okay, then. 2
BedYES Actually, I don't have 120 caps. Neutral 50 Well, when you do, you know where to find me. 3
120 Caps sounds good to me. Neutral 50 That sounds like a deal. Out in the hallway, turn left, first door on your left. That's your room. 4
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Welcome to the Weatherly Hotel. I am your hostess, Vera Weatherly. 5
GREETING Happy 50 Charmed to meet you. I am Vera Weatherly of the Weatherly Hotel. 6
GREETING Happy 50 Welcome back, ma'am. 7
GREETING Happy 50 Welcome back, sir. 8
GREETING Happy 50 Nice to see you again. 9
Could I ask you about Rivet City's history?
Do you know anything about Rivet City's history? Happy 20 Well, I could tell you all about my hotel, but I'm sure I don't know anything about how Rivet City itself got started. 10
Fear 15 I mean, you hear rumors, and you make guesses, but I really couldn't say I know for sure. And I'd hate to lead you down the wrong path. 11
Could you at least tell me what you've heard? Neutral 50 Well, if it'll help. I once heard that this place was covered in Mirelurks fifty years ago, raiding all around the city. 12
Neutral 50 Eventually, some poor soul they thought would be lunch fought back, and cleared out the whole ship. He set up the city in their place. 13
Neutral 50 They say he was the first councilor for the upper deck and lived here to his death. Can't say I believe it a bit, but it's a nice tale to tell. 14
Well, is there anyone who knows more? Surprise 25 Actually, now that you mention it, Seagrave may know more about it. 15
Happy 25 He's been here since he was just a boy, and I can't imagine anyone knows this ship better than he does. 16
Well, is there anyone who knows more? Sad 50 Well, Seagrave may have known more, but that's all in the past, now. 17
I found an orphaned kid looking for a home. Would you take him in?
Vera, your nephew Bryan lost his folks and needs a place to live. Sad 50 Poor dear. I know what it's like to be alone. I'd love to take him in. 18
Happy 50 Don't worry, I have the means to keep him fed and healthy but most importantly, safe. 19
MS04AdoptionTLWait Let me think on it for a while. Neutral 50 Certainly. I wouldn't expect you to make a rash decision. 20
MS04AdoptionTLYes I think Bryan will love his new home. I'll send him along shortly. Happy 80 Oh, that's wonderful! If you ever wander back into Rivet City, why don't you check up on us. You're always welcome. 21
RCTopicDiegoAngela I heard Angela Staley has a crush on Diego. Surprise 50 Oh, yes. She's crazy about him. 22
Sad 50 He keeps telling her no, but he also spends a lot of time with her. It's really not fair to her. 23
How are things between Diego and Angela these days? Happy 50 Haven't you heard? They're going to get married! 24
Happy 50 It's so wonderful. We haven't had a wedding in years. 25
What ever happened between Diego and Angela? Sad 50 That poor girl. Diego told her to never bother him again. She was devastated. 26
What can you tell me about Doctor Li?
So what's the story with Doctor Li? Disgust 50 She's not very social. Stays in her lab in the stern. 27
Happy 50 She's smart though. Real smart. 28
I've met your mother. No wonder you're such a brat.
What's the deal with that little punk, James Hargrave? Sad 50 Poor James. His mother drinks too much. When she does, she doesn't treat him very well. 29
Disgust 50 Personally, I think she blames him for his father leaving her, which is ridiculous. 30
What kind of place is this Rivet City?
What's it like living on a giant ship? Disgust 50 It's noisy, dark, and smelly. 31
Happy 50 But we're safe here. No Super Mutants or Raiders. And maybe Doctor Li will find a way to get clean water for us. 32
RCTopicWedding When are Angela and Diego getting married? Happy 50 At 3 o'clock, tomorrow. 33
Happy 50 I can hardly wait. I'm so happy for Angela. 34
RCVeraWeatherlyGossip Have you heard any interesting gossip? Surprise 50 Well, I really shouldn't tell you, but have you heard about Paulie Cantelli? 35
Sad 50 He's addicted to chems. His poor wife, Cindy, is at her wits end. 36
So, are there any fun rumors flying around Rivet City? Surprise 50 You haven't heard? Angela has the hots for Diego. 37
Happy 50 But since he's a priest, he's been putting her off. One of these days she's just going to jump his bones. 38
Are there any other rumors you've heard? Surprise 50 They say Mister Lopez is losing it. He stands on the top of the bridge tower for hours at a time, just staring out over the city. 39
I'm here to do business with you.
What do you have to eat? Happy 50 Take a look at our menu. 40
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Disgust 50 Why should I tell you? You'll just tell everyone else. 41


I have to go now.
So long, Vera. Neutral 50 Farewell. 42
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 So you finally got Diego to ask you to marry him. Well, I couldn't be happier for the both of you. 43
HELLO Surprise 50 Angela, you are growing up so fast! Your father must be proud. 44
HELLO Happy 50 Are you getting enough to eat, Mister Armitage? 45
HELLO Disgust 50 When are you going to get some new dresses, Bannon? I'm tired of these worn out styles. 46
HELLO Disgust 50 Hello Cindy. Is Paulie off getting high again? You really should kick him out. 47
HELLO Sad 50 Hello Cindy. I know we haven't been the best of friends, but I am sorry he's dead. I know he meant something to you. 48
HELLO Neutral 50 Commander Danvers. Walking the night patrol? 49
HELLO Happy 50 Eat what you want, Diego. I never charge you or Father Clifford for you meals. 50
HELLO Happy 50 Father Clifford's sermon was very inspirational. 51
HELLO Happy 50 Your sermon was very inspirational, Father Clifford. 52
HELLO Happy 50 I'm so happy for Angela. She and Diego will be so happy together. 53
HELLO Happy 50 Hello Gary. How's Angela doing? I saw her with Diego the other day. 54
HELLO Disgust 50 Someone said the Mirelurks are out tonight. 55
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello Flak. How's business? 56
HELLO Neutral 50 Here for some target practice, Flak? 57
HELLO Happy 50 It's good to see you eat, Janice. How are the hydroponic gardens? 58
HELLO Happy 50 Hello Seagrave. 59
HELLO Happy 50 Lovely night for a walk on the deck. Thank you for keeping me company. 60
HELLO Neutral 50 Mister Shrapnel. I need some 10mm ammo. Two clips should do. 61
HELLO Fear 50 Is your room comfortable, Mis...uh...Sister? 62
HELLO Happy 50 Is everything to your satisfaction, Mister Zimmer? 63
HELLO Surprise 50 Well, my metal friend. How are we doing today? 64
HELLO Neutral 50 Have you heard? Angela and Diego are getting married. 65
HELLO Happy 50 Welcome to the Weatherly Hotel. 66
HELLO Happy 50 Nice to see you. 67
RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Surprise 50 Thank you, Chief Harkness. 68
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Mister Buckingham can handle the Weatherly for a couple of hours. 69
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 A girl has to be able to protect herself, even if that means buying a gun. 70
RCGoodbye Sad 50 I guess I'll just be window shopping then. 71
RCGoodbye Happy 50 I know, I know. He's nice enough, but just not my type. Take care, and don't spread too much gossip. 72
RCGoodbye Happy 50 I just stopped by to say hello. And to see if you have anything new for sale. 73
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 You go do what you have to. I don't want to watch that. 74
RCGoodbye Surprise 50 You need to stop giving me special discounts, Seagrave. A new toaster oven would sure be handy though. I'll pick it up later. 75
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Thank you, Father. I've been trying to get Seagrave to come to church too, but he's stubborn. 76
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Thank you, Father. I always feel the presence of the Lord when I pray here. 77
RCGoodbye Sad 50 No. He's never going to notice you, Cindy. Especially if you're still with Paulie. Just forget about Bannon. 78
RCGoodbye Surprise 50 Stop! You're embarrassing me, but thank you. I should go. I want to see Cindy and Angela too. 79
RCGoodbye Surprise 50 Stop! You're embarrassing me, but thank you. I should go. 80
RCGoodbye Sad 50 I've told you before. I don't feel that way about you. I'm sorry. 81
RCGoodbye Happy 50 I'll see what I can find, Mister Armitage. 82
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Certainly, Mister Zimmer. 83
RCGoodbye Sad 50 Oh, he notices all right. You should forget about him. Priests are married to God and take vows of celibacy. 84
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 No, not right now. Carry on Mister Buckingham. 85
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 <sigh> Sometimes I hate working with robots. 86
RCPackageEnd RCPackageEnd Happy 50 I should check in with my guests. 87
RCPackageEnd Happy 50 Maybe I'll get Buckingham to fix me something to eat. 88
RCPackageEnd Happy 50 I think I'll just pop up to the Flight Deck. 89
RCPackageEnd Surprise 50 I'm getting a chill. I should go home. 90
RCResponse01 RCResponse01 Anger 50 Don't be jealous of my wealth. Be jealous of my looks instead. 91
RCResponse01 Fear 50 You should spend more time on the flight deck, Angela. You look so pale! 92
RCResponse01 Sad 50 I don't need anyone to take care of me, Seagrave. But I do like being your friend. Just your friend. 93