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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Wallace.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 BoSVendor_Hellos 003C6317 Do you require any assistance?
2 VendorWallace_FreeStatesHellos 003D0FB4 A Vault Dweller in Harpers Ferry. Novel. player is wearing a vault suit
3 003D0FB5 You're in Free States territory now. No government interference here.
4 003D0FB6 You looking to buy? Everything is tax free.
5 003D0FB7 The U.S. government cannot be trusted. Live free or die.
6 003D0FB8 You purchase from me, you won't regret it. And if you do, no refunds.
7 003D0FB9 You think Federal regulations keep you safe, but all it does is cede power to bureaucrats.
8 003D0FBA Need supplies? Or just here for my soothing voice?
9 003D0FBB Freedom means freedom, not control by some central authority.
10 003D0FBC You should take your survival into your own hands. Stock up on supplies.