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The unique vendor bot Responder is a Protectron vendor in Appalachia. It can only be found as part of a travel-type random encounter in the Forest.


The vendor bot Responder wanders with an entourage consisting of two Eyebots guards and a pack brahmin. Unlike the other vendors of the same name, it will actively walk around the world rather than being constrained to a specific location.

It carries a small inventory of various clothes and high-end supplies, which is instanced for each player. Therefore, each player who barters will be offered a unique selection. Vendor bot may offer exclusive, rare outfits and plans.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a vendor.
  • Accepts Bottle cap
  • Sells:
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This character is involved in random encounters.

Travel: Wanderin - Protectron Merchant


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Responders recruitment holotape
Lead or steel junk scrap


Vendor inventory
Clothes (x2) Drinks (x1) Food (x1)
Chems - basic meds (x1) Plans - mods (x1) Plans - workshop (x1)
Bulk junk - uncommon (x1) Bulk junk - rare (x1) Stimpak: super (x1)
Fusion core (x1-15) (Lvl 20+) Bobby pins (x5)

The vendor is one of the only sources of the following items:

Exclusive items
Clean spacesuit Fisherman's overalls Grey fisherman's overalls
Hunter's long coat Longshoreman outfit Ranger hat clean
Ranger outfit clean Skiing white and purple outfit Skiing red and green outfit
Straight jacket clean Winter jacket and jeans Plan: Cuckoo clock
Plan: Nuka-Cola clock


  • Chance to spawn at any travel-type encounter throughout the Forest:
    • Near the Charleston Station; the bot will spawn in the trees near the red barn, or up the railroad tracks, just past the petrified corpse.
      • This is the closest spawn point in proximity to a fast-travel location. Simply start from the fast travel point, and run southeast across the red railroad track bridge. Going slightly past the far edge of the bridge will trigger the random encounter. Next, double back and look for the bot and its companions to come around the corner from the red barn. Note: If a player CAMP is placed in the immediate vicinity of the barn, the random encounter cannot be triggered. If the bot does not spawn, simply change servers and try again. It is also worth noting that by having a friend stay on the server next to the bot, leaving and rejoining the same server on a different character will reroll the bot's inventory for repeated attempts at rare loot.


  • The vendor will usually only sell two potential outfits at a time. Each rare apparel item has a 7.4% chance to be available.[1]
  • Leaving and rejoining the server on a different character will reroll the bot's vendor inventory.
  • It does not share its vendor inventory with other vendor bot Responders.