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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Responder.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 ResponderVendorHellos 003CA1A1 Re-supply here, citizen.
2 003CA1A2 Re-supply here, Responder.
3 003CA1A3 Welcome, citizen. I am authorized to trade supplies.
4 003CA1A4 Welcome, Responder. I am authorized to trade supplies.
5 003CA1A5 Now trading for supplies, ammunition and gear.
6 003CA1A6 If you have supplies to trade, I can be of service.
7 003CA1A7 I am authorized to trade supplies and equipment.
8 003CA1A8 Stock up now, while supplies are available.
9 003CA1A9 Ammunition and other supplies available here.
10 003CA1AA Ammunition and other supplies available for all Responders.
11 003CA1AB Don't face the wasteland without the proper supplies.
12 003CA1AC Requisitions now available.
13 003CB26A Supplies available for all your survival needs.
14 003CB26B Be prepared for the long haul.
15 003CB26C All items for fair trade.
16 003CB26D All supplies are tax free and Free States approved for your survival.
17 003CB26E Supplies are made available by members of the Free States.
18 003CB26F Our superior inventory is unaffected by government sanctions.
19 003CB270 All payments support the Free States movement.
20 003CB271 Resupply today to be prepared for tomorrow.
21 003CB272 All inventory is available for trade. Federal rules and regulations do not apply.
22 003CB273 Free States members are advised to monitor inventory and expiration dates.
23 003CB274 Inventory counts... nominal. Open for trade.
24 003CB275 This unit is open for trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
25 003CB276 Essential supplies available for trade.
26 003CB277 Never miss an opportunity to restock.