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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Resin.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 BoSVendor_Hellos 003C631B Are you in need of anything?
2 VendorResin_RaiderHellos 003D0FBE Got some scary raiding gear. But maybe you're looking to buy an upgrade or two? player is wearing raider clothes
3 003D0FBF I hear Vault Dwellers have good loot. But I suppose we can trade instead of murder. player is wearing a vault suit
4 003D0FC0 You can't stab people unless you buy something to do the stabbing with.
5 003D0FC1 Don't forget to purchase a few chems. Never know when you need an edge.
6 003D0FC2 Raiding is a good life. No rules. Survival of the fittest.
7 003D0FC3 Maybe you'll kill someone with one of my weapons? Think of me when you do.
8 003D0FC4 You should take up the raiding life. Take what you want. Kill people that deserve it.
9 003D0FC5 I like knowing that everything I sell spreads anarchy just a little further.
10 003D0FC6 This ski resort has been a great base. Down the mountain to prey, up the mountain to stay.