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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Raider.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 RaiderVendor_Hellos 004F6112 Wanna buy some junk?
2 004F6113 Previously owned loot for sale. Mostly blood-free.
3 004F6114 Had a hard day of killing and looting? Don't want to haul it back yourself? Sell it here.
4 004F6115 Please don't stab other customers while they shop.
5 004F6116 This vendor unit is equipped with anti-theft measures. Don't get any ideas, chump.
6 004F6117 Caps available in exchange for pillaged loot. Pillaged loot available in exchange for caps.
7 004F6118 Stick 'em up. Ha ha. Just kidding. Want to buy or sell?
8 004F6119 Reminder, any attempted five-finger discounts will be reclaimed and paid for with said fingers.
9 004F611A Get your raiding supplies here. Or don't. I don't care.
10 004F611B Stock up here before your next kill.
11 004F611C It's dangerous to go alone. It's dangerous to go in groups. It's just dangerous out there, so stock up here.
12 004F611D Need some ammo, chems, or spiky bits to stab people with? You may find some here.
13 004F611E Now in stock: goods acquired through questionable means.
14 004F611F Note to the Gourmands: human flesh is not acceptable tender here.
15 004F6120 You lookin' at me? How about you stop lookin' and start buyin'?
16 004F6121 Vendor not responsible for your safety of the safety of goods purchased.