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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Phoenix.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 BoSVendor_Hellos 003C6318 Do you require assistance?
2 VendorPhoenix_BoSHellos 003D0FAB Ad VictoriumIn-game spelling, soldier. player is wearing BoS clothes
3 003D0FAC A Vault Dweller. You should trade those blues for a decent uniform. player is wearing a vault suit
4 003D0FAD The Brotherhood has commandeered this supply station.
5 003D0FAE We are the Brotherhood of Steel. Paladin Taggerdy in command.
6 003D0FAF Resupply here, citizen.
7 003D0FB0 No nonsense. Trade or move.
8 003D0FB1 You run out of supply, you might as well mark yourself KIA.
9 003D0FB2 Watoga is a no man's land. Literally. Watch out for non-Brotherhood robots.