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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Mack.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 BoSVendor_Hellos 003C6319 Are you in need of anything?
2 VendorMack_CharlestonHellos 003D0FA0 Stay safe out there, Responder. player is wearing responder clothes
3 003D0FA1 Fire Breather in the station! Hope you're taking the fight to those Scorched. player joined the Fire Breathers
4 003D0FA2 Good luck with your training, Applicant. We'll make a Fire Breather out of you, yet. player has not joined the Fire Breathers yet
5 003D0FA3 Your Overseer says hello, Vault Dweller. Glad you made it to Charleston. player is wearing a vault suit
6 003D0FA4 You can gear up here.
7 003D0FA5 Nice to see more people coming to Charleston. This city's seen a lot.
8 003D0FA6 Responders set up this trading post for their Fire Breathers unit.
9 003D0FA7 You know the drill. Buy and sell.
10 003D0FA8 Fire Breathers are the elite of the Responders. Taking out the Scorched one at a time.
11 003D0FA9 You need supplies, I'm programmed to trade. Match made in heaven.