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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Greg.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 BoSVendor_Hellos 003C6316 Do you require assistance?
2 VendorGreg_GraftonHellos 003D0F83 A Responder? So good to see you! It's such a lovely day for helping people! player is wearing responder clothes
3 003D0F88 Are you from Vault 76? I saw your Overseer. She was chuckling to herself about the Mayor. Such a nice lady. player is wearing a vault suit
4 003D0F8A The Responders are here to help! Why not trade with us?
5 003D0F8B Appalachia is a better place with trade. That's why the Responders built this post.
6 003D0F8C The Responders are not business people, but fortunately I'm programmed for the marketplace.
7 003D0F8D Isn't Grafton beautiful? Our little trading post is so lucky to be here.
8 003D0F8E You look famished. I have some food products for sale. Don't be shy!
9 003D0F8F Are you thirsty? I might have a few beverages. I would hate to see anyone dehydrated!
10 003D0F90 Maybe check some of the schematics I have for sale? I do love the Do-It-Yourself mindset!