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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Chad.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 VendorChad_CamdenHellos 003D0F74 Enjoying your day at the park, Responder? Maybe some munitions would brighten your day? player is wearing responder clothes
2 003D0F79 A Vault Dweller? Want to trade that blue suit for some slightly used bullets? player is wearing a vault suit
3 003D0F7B The Responders set up this trading post. I wish they had put it anywhere else.
4 003D0F7C Responders thought an old park would be a good meeting point. I suppose it drew you here.
5 003D0F7D Camden Park is a such a happy place. That's why I sell weapons and ammo.
6 003D0F7E I'm not saying you should steal from the park, but my prices on bobby pins are very reasonable.
7 003D0F7F Did you come here for fun? Why not buy tools of mayhem instead?
8 003D0F80 You should trade your caps for some ammunition. The currency of death.
9 003D0F81 You should know that the other bots in the park are crazy. That's why I only trade with humans.