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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vendor bot Bob.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0031215D 002B91DA Error: scalpel extension unit missing or broken.
2 Warning: Patient bed requires substantial sterilization.
3 Error: Refill suture roll immediately.
4 002B91DB Collecting material: dull scalpel. Commencing recycling procedure.
5 002B91DC Accessing Responder Database ... no updates.
6 003116B6 Paging local Responders... error: no response.
7 003116B7 Warning: emergency bandages depleted.
8 003120B8 Dispensing antibiotics... error: antibiotics dispenser is empty.
9 003120B9 Checking patient health metrics... error: no data.
10 00312101 Updating health records...
11 00312357 002B91E0 Please register as a Volunteer at the Kiosk in the Tavern.
12 002B91E1 Welcome to the Flatwoods Responders outpost.
13 Responders will return when the threat is gone.
14 Survivors are welcome to any remaining supplies.
15 You are safe now.
16 002B91E2 This outpost was established to train people to survive.
17 Volunteer Kiosks are conveniently located in the Tavern.
18 Learn about our water safety and food safety programs.
19 Become a Responder Volunteer today.
20 002B91E3 Hungry? See Reverend Delbert Winters in the Kitchens by the Tavern.
21 The Flatwoods Kitchens offer free food and drinks for Survivors.
22 Delbert offers cooking lessons using new local ingredients.
23 Potluck is held every day. Today's meal: processing ... Soup. Steak. Robotic pauses
24 002B91E4 Responder, thank you for your service.
25 Welcome, Responder. Pick up supplies here, while they last.
26 Acquire supplies here while they are available, Responder.
27 Responder! I am authorized to purchase your excess supplies for the greater good!
28 Stock up now. Judging from injuries registered, it is dangerous out there, Responder.
29 Be careful out there, Responder.
30 002B91E5 Today's air quality report: disaster.
31 0031210C Emergency assistance is limited.
32 0031210D No Responder or Volunteer is currently available to help.
33 Volunteers may contact Responders through the Database.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0031227C 00307B7B Volunteer, boiled water is necessary for equipment sterilization. Please assist.
2 00307B7C Equipment contaminated. Assistance required.
3 00312151 Boiled water accepted from Volunteer. Equipment sterilization in progress.
4 Sterilizing equipment.... complete. Would be nice to have some beeps or maybe sounds of steam.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
34 ResponderBotBob_Hellos_QuestChecks 003D78BB If you're here to sign up, just use one of our a handy-dandy terminals Enthusiastic
35 003D78BC Welcome, friend! If you're here to sign up, you've come to the right place. Enthusiastic
36 003D78BD The Responders thank you for your service, volunteer. Enthusiastic
37 003D78BE Testing those water samples? Smart move! Enthusiastic
38 003D78BF Looks like you're off to a great start, volunteer! Enthusiastic
39 003D78C0 Trust your friend Bob, a healthy water supply it vital to your survival! Enthusiastic
40 003D78C1 Have you been cooking? If I had a nose, I bet it would smell great! Enthusiastic
41 003D78C2 A full belly sure beats an empty one! Enthusiastic
42 003D78C3 Well done. volunteer! You're on your way to being a true survivor! Enthusiastic
43 ResponderBotBob_Hellos_ResponderUniform 003D78C5 Looking good, Responder! Enthusiastic
44 003D78C6 Looks like you signed up with the Responders. Good for you! Enthusiastic
45 003D78C7 Nothing like a man in uniform! Enthusiastic
46 003D78C8 Nothing like a woman in uniform! Enthusiastic
47 003D78C9 Always happy to see a fellow Responder!
48 ResponderBotBob_Hellos_General 003D78CB Hey, volunteer! If you need supplies, Bob's got you covered! Enthusiastic
49 003D78CC With smarts and a little luck, you'll do just fine out there! Enthusiastic
50 003D78CD While you're here, why not grab a Stimpak or two? Enthusiastic
51 003D78CE It sure is great to see living human beings again! Enthusiastic
52 003D78FD That Overseer lady said more people would be coming. It's nice to meet you! Enthusiastic
53 003DB453 Do you require assistance?
54 003DC44A Greetings, Responder. Requisitions are now available.
55 003DC44B Be sure to stock up while you can.