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Use items from your stash to decorate your C.A.M.P. Build vending machines and flag items for sale. Simply set your prices and walk away to continue your adventures in Appalachia, being sure to capture all your favorite memories using the new functional camera. The vending machines do all the work, you just need to count the caps.fallout.bethesda.net

A vending machine is a C.A.M.P object in Fallout 76, added to the game in patch, as part of the Wild Appalachia update.


The vending machine is used to sell up to 120 items from the player character's stash box. Items marked for sale will consume storage space in the player character's stash box. When an item is sold, the seller receives 90% of the sale price.

When powered, the owner's C.A.M.P. will appear on the map as a vendor, requiring three power units of electricity. If they are damaged or lose power due to enemy attacks, the vendor will disappear, replaced by the standard C.A.M.P. marker.

It lists the total number of the following items for sale:

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Mods
  • Stimpaks
  • Meds
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Ammo
  • Explosive
  • Junk
  • Plan
  • Misc.


Steel (3)
Wood (5)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Known by default
Vending machine (1)


Found at player C.A.M.P.s. Those with vending machines have a unique icon marked on the main map. Hovering over the C.A.M.P. will provide an overview of item types available for purchase.


  • Prior to patch 26, each individual vending machine could only hold 30 items.
  • A total of four machines can be build at a C.A.M.P.
    • As of patch 26, each individual machine shares its inventory with all others, allowing for all 120 items to be placed into a single machine.


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