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Vehicles are devices that are designed or used to transport people or cargo from one point to another. Vehicles span a variety of categories, including cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, and trains.


Before the Great War, vehicles used fuel sources such as steam, batteries, fusion, and petrol.[1][2] After the war, aircraft known as vertibirds were used by various post-War factions including the Enclave, New California Republic, and Brotherhood of Steel. An airship called the Prydwen was built and utilized by the Brotherhood as well, which served as a docking station for vertibirds. The NCR utilizes locomotives in the New Vegas area for transporting construction materials.[3]

They also utilize a monorail for moving troops to and from the New Vegas Strip.[4] Similar to that monorail there is another one called the Nuka-Express for getting to Nuka-World.

In Fallout 2, the Enclave had the working oil tanker, PMV Valdez to go back and forth from their oil rig.[5] The Boomers in Fallout: New Vegas, with the aid of the Courier, wish to recover a pre-War bomber from the bottom of Lake Mead.[6] A cult of ghouls led by Jason Bright attempted to repair REPCONN rockets in order to go on a "Great Journey" to the "Far Beyond." [7]

A wide variety of wrecked vehicles can be found throughout the wastelands, and these vehicles are utilized for building materials and fortifications. A few functional automobiles exist in New California, such as steam trucks and a car known as a Highwayman.[8] In Appalachia, in the immediate aftermath of the war, vehicles were still used by survivors, such as a raider gang based in the abandoned Bog Town that utilized trucks during their raids.[9] Members of the Free Radicals attempted to repair pre-War vehicles but only automated vehicles such as cargobots and vertibots are operational.[10]


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