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Vehicles are devices that are designed or used to transport people or cargo from one point to another. Vehicles span a variety of categories, including cars, trucks, airplanes, and trains.

They are generally run on electric engines drawing power from on-board batteries or nuclear powered with a small reactor to the rear of the vehicle, but vehicles running on petrol also exist. The super mutant army is also said to have used some "steam-powered trucks".[1] There are numerous wrecked vehicles in the Fallout world, but functioning vehicles are now extremely rare.


The Resource Wars were fought mainly for resources, leading up to the climax of the Great War. According to the Fallout Bible timeline, the last resources remaining were probably depleted in the war itself.[2] Without resources, many vehicles couldn't be driven anymore, though some managed to cannibalize and salvage their way through. After the war, a lot of human knowledge was lost. People forgot how to tend to the high tech pre-War vehicles with their complicated electrical, oil, or nuclear motors and abandoned vehicles as these parts broke.[3] Most books were damaged beyond all legibility by the war and many computers were destroyed due to years of neglect, and with them, the documentation for these pre-War vehicles was lost. This combined with the lack of large scale primary and secondary industry meant most vehicle production/repair was largely impossible.

This does not mean that there are no old vehicles that have been kept functional or that someone out in the wastes could not have invented and adapted their own vehicles, but such instances are extremely rare outside of technologically advanced groups. (i.e. groups that have overcome the struggle for basic survival and can put resources towards researching old/new technologies) According to Fallout Bible 5, the theoretical ratio of working cars is 1 for every 200 people.[4]

The Responders, not long after the Great War, managed to repurpose vertibirds, automating them, alongside several cargobots. However, these seem to have been used primarily for transporting materials. There are also a number of trucks that can be found in Appalachia that seem to have been repurposed as combat technicals, with mounted machineguns and sandbag walls.

By the 2240s, the New California Republic had managed to create a mechanized vehicle division. That being said, most cars one could find in the wasteland would be simple farming vehicles, such as taxis, buses, tractors, snowplows, and the odd construction vehicle. Most in the New California region would be glad to get their hands on them or create an infrastructure that accommodates such transport methods.[5]

By 2281, the NCR had managed to rebuild a small amount of the infrastructure around the New Vegas area, specifically in train usage,[6] as well as expanding its militarized divisions,[7] though its not unheard of for an average citizen to own a vehicle.[8]

More common than land vehicles is the use of vertibirds by post-war factions. Initially, the Enclave held the monopoly on airpower in the wasteland, granting them a great strategic advantage. However having lost wars to the Brotherhood and to the NCR on both the East and West Coasts, the victors took the vertibirds for their own- The NCR reutilized one such vertibird for the use of the President- Bear Force One. The Brotherhood also built a small fleet of airships sending an expedition to Chicago, forming what would be the Midwestern Brotherhood. The East Coast Brotherhood in addition to claiming a number of vertibirds following their victory against the Enclave would come to mass-produce their own variants- but the chief achievement of their air-force would be the Prydwen, an enormous airship that would serve as a mobile base of operations and refueling and maintenance center for a small number of Vertibirds.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • A nuclear-powered car was designed in the 1950s, called the Ford Nucleon, but never made it into the prototype phase.[9]
  • Joshua Sawyer is of the opinion that, in the post-War World, bikes, regardless of condition, would be considered as popular to ride.[10]


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    So to explain "game logic" in this instance, there's nothing precious about building a car of your own if you can steal one – or if somebody else in town has one. Or in the words of one designer (me), "there's no good reason why a PC would want to undertake a fucking huge Fed Ex quest to rebuild one if they can jack one from the locals." The last part is especially true considering town-wide mass murder is possible in both Fallout 1 and 2.
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