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For our most seasoned players, test your strength in all new high-level group Vault

Vault raids are a gameplay feature in the Fallout 76 add-on Nuclear Winter. Intended to be challenging, endgame content, Vault raids are special instanced dungeons recommended for higher-level teams of four players. The first Vault raid, set inside Vault 94, was released on August 20, 2019. With the Wastelanders add-on, Vault raids will be shut down indefinitely, and the rewards will be available elsewhere.


Vault raid locations are instanced, allowing a team to complete the mission without other players affecting the team's progress. This includes enemy encounters and loot found by the team inside the vault. Each mission is available for the duration of one week, rotating to another mission every Tuesday.[1] While only one mission is available at a time, each raid repeats every three weeks.

Before starting, a party member selects one of three difficulties for the current mission - Novice, Standard or Expert. Novice is not timed, while Standard and Expert have increasingly challenging time limits and enemy encounters.[1] Higher difficulties provide better rewards in terms of XP and loot. If an entire team dies or the timer runs out during a mission, the party will be forced to start over.

Vault raids may reward XP, caps, improved repair kits, Vault 94 steel, and crafting materials along with unique weapons, armor, and crafting plans. Unique sets of "Vault armor" plans are used to unlock new armors with special set bonuses. These include the Thorn armor, Solar armor, and Strangler heart power armor. Note that these plans are not rewarded upon completion on Novice difficulty. Also note that vault mission rewards can only be earned once per difficulty, per day.[2]


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