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For an overview of various vault jumpsuits in the Fallout series of games, see vault jumpsuit.

The vault jumpsuit is an underarmor in Fallout 76.


The jumpsuit appears to be an amalgamation of the baggy vault jumpsuits in Fallout 3 and the brightly colored vault jumpsuits in Fallout 4.

Unlike most of regular clothing, which is worn over the armor in Fallout 76, vault jumpsuits can still be worn underneath, similarly to Fallout 4. It is upgradable with linings as well.


Cloth (6)
Gold (1)
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Vault 76 jumpsuit (1)


Mod DR Icon shield silver ER Icon electrical RR Icon radiation Effect Description Weight Req Rank Resources Value Base ID
Standard lining 0 0 0 Standard. 1.1 None Ballistic fiber x2
Gold x3
22 ????????
Treated lining 2 2 2 Endurance +1, Luck +1 Improves Endurance and Luck. ? None Ballistic fiber x2
Gold x6
? ????????
Resistant lining 3 3 3 Endurance +1, Intelligence +2, Luck +1 Improves Endurance, Intelligence and Luck. 1.3 None Ballistic fiber x7
Gold x9
30 ????????
Protective lining 4 4 4 Strength +1, Endurance +1, Intelligence +2, Luck +1 Improves Strength, Endurance, Intelligence and Luck. ? None Ballistic fiber x9
Gold x12
Cobalt flux x2
? ????????
Shielded lining 5 5 5 Strength +1, Endurance +2, Intelligence +2, Luck +2 Improves Strength, Endurnace, Intelligence and luck. 1.4 None Ballistic fiber x11
Gold x15
Cobalt flux x4
44 ????????



  • Given to the player character at the beginning of the game.


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