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The Vault jumpsuit is an underarmor in Fallout 76.


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The advanced Vault suit is a return to the form-fitting style that characterized the earliest jumpsuits, updated with the latest high-tech materials and technological solutions available to the Vault-Tec Corporation. It's a single-piece suit designed to hug the user's body shape. Various biometric sensors are integrated into the suit to interface with the Vault's systems, while the iconic yellow strip on the front is now made of gold foil, rather than dyed material, to act as a heat-dissipation strip and antenna for the biometric sensors integrated in the suit.[Non-game 1][Non-game 2]


It is worn under armor and clothing and can be modded to increase Damage Resistance, Energy Resistance and Radiation Resistance. In addition to defense stats increase, it can provide bonuses to SPECIAL stats.


Name Image Editor ID Form ID Details
Vault 51 jumpsuit FO76 underarmor v51 jumpsuit.png Babylon_Armor_VaultSuit51_Underarmor 0037D2A1 Originally introduced in Nuclear Winter update. Was worn by residents of Vault 51. Provided to players who reached Overseer rank 1
Vault 76 jumpsuit (clean) FO76 underarmor v76 jumpsuit.png Armor_VaultSuit76_Underarmor_Clean
Armor_VaultSuit76_Underarmor Cut content
Jumpsuit is given to new players when they exit the vault.
Vault 94 jumpsuit FO76 underarmor v94 jumpsuit.png Armor_VaultSuit94_Underarmor
Armor_VaultSuit94_Underarmor_Clean Cut content
Jumpsuit used to be obtained by completing Vault raid on standard or expert difficulty level. Vault 94 was closed with Wastelanders update and since then it's obtainable from Daily Ops.
Vault 96 jumpsuit FO76 underarmor v96 jumpsuit.png Armor_VaultSuit96_Underarmor 003BE8AB Although Vault 96 was opened with Steel Reign, the jumpsuit can not be obtained in any way. It is worn by dead inhabitants of Vault 96.
Vault Tec University jumpsuit FO76 underarmor vtu jumpsuit.png POST_Armor_VaultSuitVT_Underarmor 003BE8AE VTU jumpsuit was worn by students of Vault-Tec University. Instead of numbers on the back, it has VT letters.
Vault 63 jumpsuit Cut content FO76 underarmor v63 jumpsuit.png POST_Armor_VaultSuit63_Underarmor 003BE8A6 N/A


[ Form ID ]
Damage ResistanceEnergy ResistanceRadiation Resistance
Standard Lining
Standard.+10%+10%Ballistic fiber x2
Gold x3
Known by default
Treated Lining
+2+2+2+1 Endurance
+1 Luck
Improves Endurance and Luck.+20%+30%Ballistic fiber x2
Gold x6
Pick up - Overseer's log - Firehouse
Resistant Lining
+3+3+3+1 Endurance
+2 Intelligence
+1 Luck
Improves Endurance, Intelligence and Luck.+30%+50%Ballistic fiber x7
Gold x9
Pick up - Overseer's log - Camp Venture
Protective Lining
+4+4+4+1 Strength
+1 Endurance
+2 Intelligence
+1 Luck
Improves Strength, Endurance, Intelligence and Luck.+35%+80%Ballistic fiber x9
Gold x12
Stable cobalt flux x2
Pick up - Overseer's log - Fort Defiance
Shielded Lining
+5+5+5+1 Strength
+2 Endurance
+2 Intelligence
+2 Luck
Improves Strength, Endurance, Intelligence and Luck.+40%+120%Ballistic fiber x11
Gold x15
Stable cobalt flux x4
Pick up - Overseer's log - Site Alpha/
Overseer's log - Site Bravo/
Overseer's log - Site Charlie


When worn, NPCs can mention the overseer or comment about life in a vault.




  1. The Art of Fallout 4 p.15: "VAULT SUIT
    Creating a skintight costume in bright blue and yellow and not having it come across as goofy looking was a considerable design challenge. We achieved this by focusing on an interesting mix of patterns and textures for the high-tech materials and adding details that grounded the design."
  2. The Art of Fallout 4 p.16: "VAULT SUIT
    For the iconic yellow stripe, we went with a metallic gold foil that serves as a heat-dissipation strip and works with the biometric sensors integrated in the suit."