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The vault jumpsuit is a piece of clothing in Fallout 4.


It increases Energy Resistance by 5 and Radiation Resistance by 10. All jumpsuits have a value of 20 with the exception of the Vault 88 variant which has a value of 0.


Name/Form ID Variant Variant Location
Vault 75 jumpsuit Cut content
0022DA67 (new)
Fo4 vault 75 jumpsuit female.jpg Fo4 vault 75 jumpsuit male.jpg NA
Vault 81 jumpsuit
001D5F43 (child)
0022DA69 (new)
Fo4 vault 81 jumpsuit female.jpg Fo4 vault 81 jumpsuit male.jpg
  • Worn by inhabitants of Vault 81.
    • A total of 32 can be obtained by either pickpocketing or murder.
    • Bobby De Luca's can be obtained without committing a crime, if he is insulted and turns hostile during Dependency.
    • If Tina De Luca is recruited to a settlement, her Vault jumpsuit can be obtained by trading her a different outfit and equipping it.
  • Trader Rylee wears one, but it cannot be obtained without pickpocketing or murder, even if she is recruited to a settlement.
  • One can be acquired from an NPC in a random encounter, which serves to make the player character aware of the existence of Vault 81.
Vault 88 jumpsuit
Vault-Tec Workshop
xx0042B2 (dirty)
xx0042AE (new)
Fo4VW vault 88 jumpsuit female.jpg Fo4VW vault 88 jumpsuit male.jpg
  • One jumpsuit can be found inside Vault 88 on a Vault 88 steamer trunk near the vault door entrance.
  • The steamer trunk itself contains 10 more and has its inventory refilled as soon as one exits the vault.
  • 20 more can be found in the workshop inventory.
  • The Legend of Vault 88, a unique version of the jumpsuit, is rewarded upon completion of Lady Luck.
Vault 95 jumpsuit Cut content
0022DA66 (new)
Fo4 vault 95 jumpsuit female.jpg Fo4 vault 95 jumpsuit male.jpg NA
Vault 101 jumpsuit Cut content
0022DA6A (new)
Fo4 vault 101 jumpsuit female.jpg Fo4 vault 101 jumpsuit male.jpg NA
Vault 111 jumpsuit
000976B7 (new)
Fo4 vault 111 jumpsuit female.jpg Fo4 vault 111 jumpsuit male.jpg
  • A regular version is given to the Sole Survivor during War Never Changes.
  • Two clean versions can be found in Vault 111.
  • One on a table to the right in the second cryopod room.
  • One near a skeleton in the entrance hall, where they were handed out upon entry.
Vault 114 jumpsuit
0022DA68 (new) Cut content
Fo4 vault 114 jumpsuit female.jpg Fo4 vault 114 jumpsuit male.jpg
  • Park Street station and Vault 114, in total, eleven jumpsuits can be found.
    • Two in the room immediately after the Vault door, in an opened box atop a stack of other boxes.
    • Three in the first room on the right: two on the floor, one on the shelf.
    • One in the central room, ground floor beneath the overseer window on top of a box.
    • One to the right of the laundry room in a shelf atop a box.
    • Four in the last room leading back to the Park Street station cell part of the vault.
    • One on the desk next to the terminal, three in an opened box nearby.
Vault 118 jumpsuit
Far Harbor (add-on)
Fo4FH vault 118 jumpsuit female.jpg Fo4FH vault 118 jumpsuit male.jpg
  • One jumpsuit can be found at the entrance to Vault 118, on the receptionist's desk.
  • Another one is worn by the Vault 118 overseer, but can't be taken.


The Damage Resistances of Vault jumpsuits can be upgraded at any armor workbench. However, they cannot be upgraded with ballistic weave.

Mod Energy Resistance Energy Radiation Resistance Radiation Description Weight Req: Rank Form ID
Standard 5 10 Standard. 1 None ????????
Insulated Lining 10 10 Improves Energy Resistance. 1.2 None 00204C30
Treated Lining 10 15 Improves Energy and Radiation Resistance. 1.6 Armorer 2 00204C31
Resistant lining 15 15 Improves Energy and Radiation Resistance. 1.7 Armorer 3 00204C32
Protective lining 15 20 Improves Energy and Radiation Resistance. 2 Armorer 4
Science! 2
Shielded lining 20 25 Improves Energy and Radiation Resistance. 2.2 Armorer 4
Science! 4


  • Any piece of armor can be applied over the vault jumpsuit.
  • Vault 75, Vault 95, and Vault 101 jumpsuits are all unobtainable without the use of console commands.
  • Wearing the vault jumpsuit will alter conversations with some characters, such as in Vault 81 when meeting the overseer or when facing Overboss Colter.
  • The clean version of the Vault 118 jumpsuit exists in the files of Fallout 76, but cannot be obtained.

Behind the scenes

The Art of Fallout 4 describes the design of the vault jumpsuits.[Non-canon 1][Non-canon 2]



  1. The Art of Fallout 4, p. 16: "For the iconic yellow stripe, we went with a metallic gold foil that serves as a heat-dissipation strip and works with the biometric sensors integrated into the suit."
  2. The Art of Fallout 4 p. 15: "Creating a skintight costume in bright blue and yellow and not having it come across as goofy looking was a considerable design challenge. We achieved this by focusing on an interesting mix of patterns and textures for the high-tech materials and adding details that grounded the design."