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Vault jumpsuits are clothing articles in Fallout 3, some of which are armored.


Designed specifically for use within vaults, jumpsuits are an inexpensive, easily produced solution to the age-old problem of clothing large numbers of people while maintaining a modicum of comfort and utility. Within the Vaults, they are also meant to reduce tension by providing every dweller with the same type of clothes, regardless of their standing. Marketed as a fashionable, comfortable design,[1] Before the War, they were an instantly recognizable symbol of both Vaults and the corporation behind them, featuring the iconic blue-and-yellow color scheme. The corporation deliberately exploited the recognizability, with the company mascot, Vault Boy, sporting a set of rubber coveralls, and introducing awards named after the jumpsuit, such as the Pressed Vault Suit Award for preparedness, all to get people used to the mandated uniformity and planned economy of a Vault.[2]

Once Vaults were activated, all dwellers that managed to enter the Vault would be expected to change into their jumpsuits as soon as possible.[3] However, delays could happen: As Vault suits are designed with biometric identification systems in addition to the big, bold Vault number on the back, and discrepancies in scans would delay issuance of a suit.[4] To accommodate the influx, Vaults had a stock of jumpsuits on hand, shipped ahead of time in vacuum-sealed packages, ten per box.[5] Worn-out or damaged suits would be replaced using existing stocks and later manufactured using jumpsuit extruders installed in every Vault (though some were designed to fail, as part of the Vault experiment).[6] Vault-Tec also supplied the design to the Enclave, for use within its civilian facilities, such as the presidential rig.[7]

Vault dwellers commonly wore them together with a variety of equipment according to their job: Durable lab coats with scientific equipment,[8] stripped-down versions for maintenance work,[9] and body armor and protective helmets for security personnel.[10][11] Dwellers who ventured into the wasteland commonly modified their suits with a variety of improvised armor or improved linings.[12][13]


There are Vault jumpsuits for every Vault which appears in Fallout 3, although two of them are only found in the game files. In addition, there is a Vault 77 jumpsuit as a reference to the Penny Arcade Comic as well as a few unique and/or modified variants.

It provides a Damage Resistance of 1 as well as a bonus of +2 to Speech and Melee Weapons, and can be repaired with Vault jumpsuits.

While wearing the Vault 101 jumpsuit, dialogue with certain non-player characters will be slightly different as opposed to wearing a variant of the Vault suit, such as the armored Vault 101 jumpsuit, Vault 101 utility jumpsuit or other apparel from the Wasteland. This is most easily observed in Megaton, where Lucas Simms will make a comment about the clothing when the Lone Wanderer enters the town for the first time, but only if they are wearing the jumpsuit upon entry. When speaking to certain other non-player characters in Megaton (Billy Creel, Jericho, and Leo Stahl to name a few) and throughout the Capital Wasteland, they will also make remarks about the suit when talking to them for the first time, or instead of calling the Wanderer a wastelander, they will instead recognize them as a former Vault Dweller.

Numbered jumpsuits

Vault 77 jumpsuit

Main article: Vault 77 jumpsuit

The Vault 77 jumpsuit was a piece of clothing originally worn by the Puppet Man who was the only inhabitant of Vault 77.

Vault 87 jumpsuit

These suits were worn by the ill-fated subjects of Vault 87's Evolutionary Experimentation Program. Although the Vault 87 jumpsuit was put into the game's files, the game itself offers no opportunity to obtain one, and the only ones seen throughout the game are worn by Fawkes and the failed FEV subjects, ripped to shreds by their larger, mutated bodies.

Vault 92 jumpsuit

The Vault 92 jumpsuit was worn by its ill-fated residents. It cannot be found anywhere in-game, as the residents are dead and their jumpsuits have decayed. It can only be obtained via the use of console commands.

Vault 101 jumpsuit

The Vault 101 jumpsuit is the standard clothing given to the inhabitants of Vault 101. Children receive a child-sized version instead, sans any bonuses.

Vault 106 jumpsuit

The Vault 106 jumpsuit is worn by the insane survivors that inhabit the vault.

Vault 108 jumpsuit

Unlike other jumpsuits, the Vault 108 variant is extremely dirty, has an unbuttoned collar, black undershirt, and rolled-up sleeves, similar to Dad's wasteland outfit, with "108" on the back. If a female character dons the suit, it looks like a dirty Vault 101 suit with rolled-up sleeves.

Vault 112 jumpsuit

This is the basic Vault 112 jumpsuit given to the Lone Wanderer by the robobrain as they enter Vault 112. It is possible to obtain an infinite amount of these suits before entering Tranquility Lane by taking the suit from the robobrain, dropping the suit and speaking to the robobrain again.



Vault 77 jumpsuit

  • It can be stolen from a shelf in the slaver barracks in Paradise Falls.

Vault 87 jumpsuit

  • Vault 87 jumpsuit does not appear anywhere in Fallout 3 and can only be obtained through the use of console commands. The failed FEV subjects and Fawkes all wear the tattered remains of Vault 87 Jumpsuits.

Vault 92 jumpsuit

  • Vault 92 jumpsuit does not appear anywhere in Fallout 3 and can only be obtained through the use of console commands.

Vault 101 jumpsuit

  • All new games start with this jumpsuit.

Vault 106 jumpsuit

  • The Vault 106 jumpsuit can be found on the insane survivors in Vault 106.

Vault 108 jumpsuit

  • The Vault 108 jumpsuit can be found on any of the various Garys within Vault 108. The same jumpsuit can be found on Gary 23, but it cannot be looted.

Vault 112 jumpsuit

  • The Vault 112 jumpsuit is distributed by the robobrain upon entering Vault 112. There are two invisible Vault 112 jumpsuits in the Vault's clinic. There should be a ledge with two of them and jumping on the ledge makes them visible. Otherwise, it will be possible to pick them up even if they are invisible. Just look around for the option to "Take Vault 112 jumpsuit."


Two variants of the Vault 101 jumpsuit can be found in the game files for Fallout 4. However, it cannot be found anywhere in the game and can only be obtained on PC by using console commands.


Concept art by Adam Adamowicz


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