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Vault jumpsuits are clothing articles in Fallout 3.


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A rugged jumpsuit variant designed for heavy use among Vault-Tec machinery and infrastructure. Rather than extruded rubber, the suit uses a combination of denim and natural leather,[1][2][3] combined to create a particularly rugged piece of equipment. The suit is less form fitting than other jumpsuit variants, but provides a good deal of comfort. Like other versions, it's a single-piece uniform, with a zipper down the front, leather armguards and spacious pockets on the waist and thighs. Reinforced elbows and knees give it extra durability under heavy use, with the interface port over the left breast used for a variety of purposes. Depending on the job assignment, the jumpsuit is designed to accommodate a variety of belts, including simple leather bands for children, rugged multi-purpose belts for general use and specialized equipment for utility, lab and security work.[4][Non-game 1]


There is a jumpsuit for every vault that appears in Fallout 3, although two of them are only found in the game files. It provides a Damage Resistance of 1 as well as a bonus of +2 to Speech and Melee Weapons, and can be repaired with other vault jumpsuits.


Other characters in game have unique dialogue for when the Lone Wanderer is wearing a vault jumpsuit. Lucas Simms will make a comment when the Lone Wanderer enters the town for the first time. In Megaton, Billy Creel, Jericho, and Leo Stahl will also make remarks about the suit. Instead of calling the player character a wastelander, other characters will comment on the Lone Wanderer being a former inhabitant of a vault.


Name/Form ID Photo Texture file Location
Vault 77 jumpsuit Vault 77 Back.png Outfit77m.png On a shelf in the slaver barracks of Paradise Falls.
Vault 87 jumpsuit
Vault 87 Back.png V87texturef.png Worn by Fawkes and the failed FEV subjects but is not obtainable.
Vault 92 jumpsuit
Vault 92 Back.png V92texturef.png Worn by inhabitants of Vault 92 but is not obtainable.
Vault 101 jumpsuit
Vault 101 Back.png V101texturef.png Worn by the Lone Wanderer at the beginning of the game, and by other inhabitants of Vault 101. Children wear a different variant.
Armored Vault 101 jumpsuit Hanging Armored Vault suit.png
Vault 101 utility jumpsuit Vault 101 Utility back.png
Dad's wasteland outfit Vault Dads 101 Utility back.png
Vault 106 jumpsuit
Vault 106 back.png V106texturef.png Worn by insane survivors of Vault 106 but is not obtainable.
Vault 108 jumpsuit
Vault 108 back.png V108texturef.png Worn by the Garys in Vault 108. The same jumpsuit can be found on Gary 23 but is not obtainable.
Vault 112 jumpsuit
Vault 112 back.png V112texturef.png Given to the Lone Wanderer by the robobrain as they enter Vault 112.


Two variants of the Vault 101 jumpsuit can be found in the game files for Fallout 4. However, it cannot be found anywhere in the game and can only be obtained on PC by using console commands.

Behind the scenes

Adam Adamowicz described their inspiration for vault suits in the Conceptual Design blog.[Non-canon 1]


Concept art


  1. The Courier: "Sarah, stop right there. Do you actually have any vault gear?"
    Sarah Weintraub: "Okay, I do, but who wants a lame sensor module, or a nitrogen canister, anyway? All the popular stuff has been sold - especially the vault suits. I need to find more because people buy them like hot cakes."
    (Sarah Weintraub's dialogue)
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  4. Different types of belts on the jumpsuits.



  1. Conceptual Design: "The Vault Suit
    Designing, or redesigning the vault suit meant adhering to canon, and updating the textures and tactile feel for the detail we can achieve now in games. I opted for a more durable denim like material, something quintessentially American and, suited to carrying out vault tasks involving heavy machinery and crawling through metal pipes.
    Overall, the vault suit seems to represent an Everyman/Everywoman uniform of conformity, and a blank canvas for accessorizing once the wearer had escaped into the harsh environment of the wasteland. Preserving the retro 50’s flavor seemed to support this, and I wanted the suit to feel at home in a classic 50’s sci-fi film like Forbidden Planet. The reinforced elbows and knees seemed to introduce a bit of that flair to the otherwise oppressively Orwellian environment."