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Vault-Tec University jumpsuit is an underarmor in Fallout 76.


The Vault-Tec University jumpsuit is visually identical to standard vault jumpsuits, except that instead of a vault number on the back there is a Vault-Tec University golden VT emblem.


Mod Resistances Effect Weight Value Plan Components
Damage resistance Energy Radiation
Standard lining         +10% +10% Known by default Ballistic fiber x2
Gold x3
Treated lining +2 +2 +2 END +1
LCK +1
+20% +30% None Ballistic fiber x2
Gold x6
Resistant lining +3 +3 +3 END +1
INT +2
LCK +1
+30% +50% None Ballistic fiber x7
Gold x9
Protective lining +4 +4 +4 STR +1
END +1
INT +2
LCK +1
+35% +80% None Ballistic fiber x9
Gold x12
Cobalt flux x2
Shielded lining +5 +5 +5 STR +1
END +2
INT +2
LCK +2
+40% +120% None Ballistic fiber x11
Gold x15
Cobalt flux x4


The plans for the jumpsuit can be reliably found in the back of a pickup truck to the east of Pioneer Scout lookout or at Clarksburg, inside the top floor of the repair store. However, they can be found at any random armor plan spawn in the Toxic Valley.


A fair amount can be found on shelves inside of Vault-Tec University.


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