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I've dealt with mutants before... I still remember their Master, his flesh crawling along the walls, a floor of wriggling fingers, clutching at me... If mutants are involved, you'll need all the help you can get.

The Vault Dweller or wasteland stranger is a character in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. He is also an unlockable playable character.


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Having lived a life well traveled, he decided to move to the town of Carbon in hopes of finding peace from the rest of the wasteland. He arrived in Carbon around the time of the Initiate. However, like the Initiate, he discovers that the town is being threatened by raiders. A former member of the Brotherhood of Steel himself who has killed hundreds of raiders,[1] he views the higher-ranking members as having pompous attitudes.[2] He has become jaded about humanity.[3]

He always kept the Vault 13 flask with him, out of sentimental value. He managed to lose it somehow, but will trade the Initiate for it, giving them 100 caps.[4]

He subsequently helped the inhabitants repel a raider attack on the city before continuing on with his travels, killing about a dozen raiders. He decided to help the Initiate travel to Los by drawing a map of how to get there. Before their departure, the Vault Dweller mentioned they have experience with super mutants, and was reminded of the leader, the Master. If the Initiate also helped save everyone during the attack, he will give the Initiate a Red Ryder BB gun.

In Los, the final enemy of the Gladiator Pit happens to be a man who uses the exact same model as the Vault Dweller. It is never clarified if this was simply an asset reusual or intended to be the Vault Dweller. He wields a very powerful turbo electric plasma rifle to kill his opponents. The reward for defeating him is 50000 caps. This opponent says no words and is given no name, and it is unclear if he is killed by the Initiate or simply beaten unconscious.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Vault 13 flask: The Vault Dweller wishes to obtain the flask which is found in Carbon Mill's storage area. This rewards the Initiate 100 caps and 100 XP.
  • Rescue Innocents: Impressed by the Initiate helping Vidya and the townspeople, the Vault Dweller will award the Initiate the Red Ryder BB gun if the 37 townspeople were saved during the raider attack.

Other interactions

The Vault Dweller will make unique comments depending on who the Initiate is:

  • If Cyrus, he says, "I'm just an old wanderer. But you... too tough for the vaults, too big for the city, where food is hard to get. I'd say you're a farm boy... joined the Brotherhood because rats killed your family... or something worse?"
  • If Nadia, he says, "I'm a stranger, girl. Didn't your folks teach you not to talk to strangers? No, you never knew your folks. You're a child of the bomb, raised by rats, adopted by the noble knights of the Brotherhood."
  • If Cain, he says, "Heard your name's Cain, just like the first murderer, the brother-killer. Do you think of other ghouls as your brothers? Have you killed any brothers lately?"


The Vault Dweller appears in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel as an unlockable player character.



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