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"All Clear Signal"
This utopia is free from crimes and other sociological ills that inflict the other communities in California. It has existed independent since its emergence from Vault 8, and maintains a thriving economy based on exporting medical technology to Outsider communities in Northern California. All Citizens are encouraged to remain in Vault City whenever possible.Vault City travel log

Vault City is a high-tech settlement in Northern Nevada established by the inhabitants of Vault 8 after the Great War[2], best known for their medical technology, the most advanced within New California. It is a location in Fallout 2.


Main article: Vault City (faction)

Founded shortly after emergence from Vault 8, Vault City operated uncontested in Northern California for decades. Trouble began in 2235, with the foundation of Gecko. The reactivation of the nuclear power plant didn't go unnoticed by Vault City, who started to look upon their new neighbors with growing concern.[Non-game 1] As it turned out, the plant was in a serious state of disrepair, as of 2239[3] it began leaking waste into the local groundwater, irradiating the local water table and posing a threat to the City.[4] Any person who drank water from the wells would contract radiation sickness,[5] in some cases fatally so,[6] and Vault City's medical experts were concerned if the problem wasn't addressed, it could lead to sterility and/or chromosomal damage in the population.[7] As a result, the citizens' attitude towards the ghouls turned from suspicion into open animosity and even outright antipathy, as they accused Gecko of committing terror against Vault City, and although the ghouls repeatedly attempted to contact Vault City for technical help, their emissaries were always shot on sight.[8]

Meanwhile, the expanding NCR considered Vault City a fantastic candidate for inclusion into its growing organism. However, Vault City preferred independence. In February 2241 Vault City rejected offers of an alliance with both the Bishop family of New Reno and the NCR.[Non-game 2] In March, raider attacks on caravans to Vault City begin.[Non-game 3] The NCR has been getting more aggressive in their attempts to get Vault City to join the Republic, telling Vault City Councillors, if they were to join, the NCR would be able to defend Vault City from the raider attacks. Due to refusals to NCR, with the passage of time raider attacks have become more brutal.[3] Finally, during their last attack, they disabled a laser turret on the western perimeter. Despite having a clear shot into the city, they were ordered to fall back by one of their "captains." This made no sense to Sergeant Stark, who witnessed it.[9] John Bishop, under pressure from the NCR, tried to get a current roster of all of Vault City's guards, so he could see if he could "get" to one of them with drugs or other "convincing," which he ultimately failed.[Non-game 4] This was by design: With no progress being made on the diplomatic side, the NCR Congress approved a secret initiative intended to force Vault City to join. The person selected to carry out this campaign of terror against Vault City was John Bishop of New Reno, who later employed mercenaries to act as raiders and regularly attack Vault City to eventually force it into NCR's hands[10]. In 2239 Thomas Moore, an NCR agent comes to Vault City and becomes one of its citizens. After one year he changed politically, actively seeking to convince the Citizens of Vault City to turn to democracy.[11][12] As a result of his actions he is treated like an idiot, rather than a citizen. Not one citizen takes his words seriously about democracy.[13] Although his demagogy was not effective, he did manage to steal some Vault City technology.[Non-game 4]


Situated twenty-one squares east and four squares south of Arroyo, Vault City is a very small, but high-tech settlement. The citizen population (in all departments) was 103 in 2241, with an unspecified number of outsiders residing in the courtyard area.[2] It was small compared to the hundreds of residents that lived in Redding or Broken Hills.[2]

Central Council
Vault City Downtown Vault 8
Vault City courtyard


Fo2 Vault City Courtyard
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The courtyard is the place where outsiders (wastelanders) are settled. It isn't much, as people are disorganized, some even are locked in jail. It contains the Happy Harry's general goods store, Greeting office, John Cassidy's Spittoon, and the meager living spaces of outworlders eking out an existence in Vault City's courtyard.


Fo2 Vault City Downtown
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Downtown is the area where Vault citizens trade for supplies. Wasteland merchants can trade here if they have a day pass, but even then they are not to be trusted, according to the citizens. The main Amenities office is off-limits to non-citizens, but they can trade at the Sub-amenities offices, visit the Tap House, Information office, and if they're unlucky, pass through the Corrections Center before being referred to the Servant Allocation Center.

Day passes are issued to non-citizens able to provide a bona fide reason for entering Vault City. The Chosen One needs a day pass, which can be obtained from the customs office (eg. by posing as a trader in slaves, uranium, gold, or gecko pelt traders, diplomats, and non-citizen agents of Vault City. Day passes allow access during daylight hours (8:00 am until 6:00 pm) but not the original Vault 8 itself. The easiest approach to gain one is to remove one's armor to reveal their jumpsuit before talking to Wallace, who will grant immediate access and advise going to see First Citizen Lynette immediately.

Skeev is willing to sell false citizenship papers that have a similar effect to a day pass.


Fo2 Vault City Council
Main article: Central Council

This is home for the Vault citizens. Here is the Council building where important decisions are made for Vault City. One can apply for a citizenship test, but only if they have the skills to do it. It also hosts accommodations for Vault City citizens, including elegant adobe housing fitted with high tech amenities, and the elite Parlor Room. Generally, the only normal way to become a Citizen of Vault City is to be born into it. Personal intervention by the Senior Councilor (in 2241 McClure) or the First Citizen (in 2241 Lynette) can grant non-citizen citizenship (though this is never done lightly).

In addition, non-citizens like the Chosen One can take a citizenship test (administered by the Proconsul; Gregory in 2241), which is intentionally designed to be so difficult as to be virtually impossible by someone not of extraordinary intelligence, perception, and luck. The test is so difficult that the majority of born citizens would fail it were they to take it. Some of the subjects covered by it include advanced mathematics, spatial relations, deductive reasoning, and language comprehension. A thorough physical exam is also included (and will cause Vault City to attack if the Chosen One has a sixth toe).

Vault 8[]

Fo2 Vault 8 Entry
Main article: Vault 8

Vault 8 was designed as the control group for the Vault experiments. It remained in pristine condition by 2241. Every element of the Vault is still intact, from the overseer's chair to the entry door. It is thanks to the Vault's nuclear energy[14] production that Vault City's power is supplied, though its capacity has severely limited the expansion prospects of Vault City. The majority of the Vault is now unoccupied and used for storage. Interestingly, the Vault had two sets of doors - massive external blast doors and a regular, round Vault-entry door.

Full Citizens have access to all of Vault City, including the original Vault 8 itself, although few people still use it much, except for its medical bay, and it is mostly used for storage (including a huge number of water chips, which were accidentally shipped to Vault 8 instead of Vault 13, while Vault 8's second G.E.C.K was shipped to Vault 13 instead of Vault 8).[15]


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Vault City courtyard[]

Img Name Dialogue file Description Doctor Merchant Repair Companion Clothing Proto Location
Commongirl2 Amanda Vcamanda.msg Curtis's mother, living in the courtyard. Farmer outfit 00000066 Vault City courtyard
FoModel OldDoc Andrew VCANDY.MSG Doctor outfit 00000468 Vault City courtyard
Vdweller Ben Wade RCWADE.MSG Vault City jumpsuit 00000092 Vault City courtyard
FoModel Loser Charlie VCCharly.msg Loser outfit 00000054 Vault City courtyard
FoModel Child Curtis Vccurtis.msg Child in the courtyard. Kid outfit 00000052 Vault City courtyard
FoModel WhiteBald Ed VCED.MSG Torn old outfit 00000058 Vault City courtyard
FoModel WhiteBald Happy Harry VCHARRY.MSG Torn old outfit 00000058 Vault City courtyard
Npc leather John Cassidy VCCasidy.msg/
Owner of the Spittoon in Vault City. Yes Yes Leather armor 00000089 Vault City courtyard
Commonguy2 Joshua VCJOSHUA.MSG Father of Curtis, living in the courtyard. Farmer outfit 00000067 Vault City Downtown/
Vault City courtyard
Commongirl2 Mary Smith VCFSMITH.MSG Farmer outfit 00000066 Vault City courtyard
FoModel Female VD SE Melinda VCMELIND.MSG The Chief Greeting Officer. Vault City jumpsuit 00000456 Vault City courtyard
Commonguy2 Smith VCMSMITH.MSG Farmer outfit 00000067 Vault City courtyard
Vdweller Steve VCSTEVE.MSG The Sub-Greeting Chief. Vault City jumpsuit 00000455 Vault City courtyard

Vault City Downtown[]

Img Name Dialogue file Description Doctor Merchant Repair Companion Clothing Proto Location
Vdweller Barkus Vcbarkus.msg Administrator in the Servant Allocation Center. Vault City jumpsuit 00000457 Vault City Downtown
FoModel Female VD SE Darrow VCDARROW.MSG Trader in Vault City's Sub-Amenities office A. Yes Vault City jumpsuit 00000458 Vault City Downtown
Vdweller Holden VCFARREL.MSG In charge of Sub-Amenities office B. Yes Vault City jumpsuit 00000457 Vault City Downtown
Commonguy2 Joshua VCJOSHUA.MSG Father of Curtis, living in the courtyard. Farmer outfit 00000067 Vault City Downtown/
Vault City courtyard
Vdweller Kohl VCKOHL.MSG Chief Librarian of the Information office. Vault City jumpsuit 00000455 Vault City Downtown
FoModel StandardGirl Lydia Vcdwnbar.msg Bartender of the Tap House. Yes Wastelander girl clothing 00000061 Vault City Downtown
Vdweller Randal Vcrandal.msg Head of Vault City's Amenities office. Yes Vault City jumpsuit 00000457 Vault City Downtown
Vdweller Skeev Vcrandal.msg Assistant in the Customs office. Vault City jumpsuit 00000455 Vault City Downtown
Metalghetto Stark VCSTARK.MSG Head of the Corrections Center Center in Vault City. Metal armor 00000467 Vault City Downtown
FoModel WhiteBald Thomas Moore VCMOORE.MSG Anti-slave denizen. Torn old outfit 00000065 Vault City Downtown
Metalgirl2 Valerie Vcmainwk.msg Daughter of Vic. Yes Metal armor 00000466 Vault City Downtown
Vdweller Wallace Vcwalace.msg Head of the Customs office. Vault City jumpsuit 00000455 Vault City Downtown

Central Council and Vault 8[]

Img Name Dialogue file Description Doctor Merchant Repair Companion Clothing Proto Location
Vdweller Gregory VCGreg.msg The proconsul of Vault City, assistant of the First Citizen and administrator of the citizenship test. Vault City jumpsuit 00000455/
00000090 Cut content
Central Council
FO2 Joanne Lynette model Joanne Lynette Vclynett.msg First Citizen. TH Joanne Lynette's jumpsuit 00000087 Central Council
FoModel Loser Martin VCSUPGRD.MSG Guard in Vault 8 Loser outfit 00000054 Vault 8
Vdweller McClure Vcmclure.msg Senior Council Member. Vault City jumpsuit 00000455 Central Council
FoModel Female VD SE Phyllis DcAnan.msg Assistant of Dr. Troy in Vault 8. Vault City jumpsuit 00000456 Vault 8
FoModel NewDoc Troy VCDRTROY.MSG Doctor and scientist in Vault 8. Yes Scientist outfit 00000088 Vault 8
Amenities aide Bar patron Citizen prisoner Outsider prisoner Parlor Room bartender Vault City citizen
Vault City citizen (bathroom) Vault City courtyard citizen Vault City courtyard outsider Vault City gate guard Vault City guard Vault City slave
Cut Content
Chet Cut content Connar Cut content Ian Cut content
Mentioned only
Helen Mentioned

Related quests[]

Main article: Vault City quests
Name Given by Reward
Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Alternative 3
Get a plow for Mr. Smith Mr. Smith Desert Eagle .44
8 .44 Magnum JHP
$100 -
Deliver Moore's briefcase to Mr. Bishop in New Reno Thomas Moore $250
500 XP
Next quest
- -
Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. Troy Troy $1000-1500
2 jet antidote after 3 months
500-750 XP
2 jet antidote after 1 month
$250-500 every week
You die if Troy heals you
Solve the Gecko powerplant problem First Citizen Lynette
4000 XP
Vault City Citizenship
Next quest
4250 XP
Vault City Citizenship
Next quest
4500 XP
Vault City Citizenship
Next quest
Deliver Lynette's holodisk to Westin in NCR First Citizen Lynette Next quest 2000 XP -
Rescue Amanda's husband, Joshua Amanda 500 XP
500 XP
Sex with Amanda
-10 Karma
Deliver beer and booze (10 each) to Lydia Lydia 250 XP
- -
Deliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie Valerie 500 XP
1 super tool kit
- -
Scout the eight sectors around Gecko and return to Stark Stark 350 XP
Next quest
- -
Enter NCR and return to Stark Stark 750 XP
1 motion sensor
- -
Find Mr. Nixon Curtis 100 XP
+3 Karma
1 Wrench
100 XP
-3 Karma
Help Charlie Puking Charlie 300 XP - -
See Phyllis Phyllis 600 XP 650-1100 XP
1 Cat's Paw
Gain combat implants Vault 8 Medical terminal 500 XP
Dermal Impact Armor
Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement
Phoenix Armor Implants
Phoenix Assault Enhancement
- -
Drink your weight in Alcohol-Z Parlor Room bartender Alcohol Raised Hit Points
Alcohol Raised Hit Points II
Alcohol Lowered Hit Points
Alcohol Lowered Hit Points II
Auto-Doc Rodeo Auto-Doc Autodoc Raised Hit Points
Autodoc Raised Hit Points II
Autodoc Lowered Hit Points
Autodoc Lowered Hit Points II
Stop Bishop's raider band from attacking Vault City Joanne Lynette 6500 XP
Next quest
- -


  • Vault City is the only location to set a starting reputation to Antipathy, this is because the residents see the Chosen One (and any companion they might be bringing) as just another wastelander.
  • With a little engine abuse, the Vault can be entered prior to becoming a citizen. Get close to the Vault without initiating dialogue with the guards, then walk inside in combat mode. The guards and citizens won't turn hostile as long as nobody is attacked while doing this.

Vault City travel log[]

Vault City
  • Vault City: This utopia is free from crimes and other sociological ills that inflict the other communities in California. It has existed independent since its emergence from Vault 8, and maintains a thriving economy based on exporting medical technology to Outsider communities in Northern California. All Citizens are encouraged to remain in Vault City whenever possible.
  • Population: Current Census 103 Citizens.
  • Government: First Citizen and Council.
  • Background radiation count: Files have been deleted, missing the following strings: [-$Gecko-/-$GroundwaterContamination-]
  • Mutation rate: Files have been deleted, missing the following strings: [-$Birthrate %-]Vault City travel log


Vault City appears only in Fallout 2. It is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas[16][17] and its add-on Lonesome Road.[18] It is also mentioned in the Fallout Pen and Paper d20 intro.

Behind the scenes[]

In Vault 8, the Vault City designer notes can be found thar read, "Vault City went through many incarnations. It was designed by Leonard Boyarsky, Jason Anderson, Feargus Urquhart, and Chris Avellone. Scott Everts built the maps, and the brave men who scripted this architectural Frankenstein were Rob Hertenstein and Dan Spitzley. And finally, Eric Pribish nearly gave his life testing the monstrosity that is Vault City."[1]



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      {326}{}{2 Seconds}
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    The Chosen One: "{201}{}{Nothing at all? Come on.}"
    Phyllis: "{204}{}{Look, I know you're a new Citizen and all, and I don't mean to throw a damper on your Citizenship, but this City can be VERY dull at times.}"
    The Chosen One: "{205}{}{Dull? How so?}"
    Phyllis: "{208}{}{I mean, have you noticed how similar everyone is? And OLD? Most of the seminars and extracurricular activities are geared towards octogenarians. I'm barely twenty-five, and this city makes me feel like I'm fifty.}"
    The Chosen One: "{210}{}{Speaking of old, I noticed there aren't any children in the city.}"
    Phyllis: "{216}{}{Well... yes. Actually, there aren't. Yet. I don't know if anyone told you yet, Vault City is a planned community. We're not due for another pregnancy cycle until a few years from now.}"
    The Chosen One: "{217}{}{Uh... a pregnancy cycle?}"
    Phyllis: "{220}{}{Yes. Pregnancies are permitted only during certain years established by the Council.}"
    The Chosen One: "{221}{}{What if you get pregnant anyway?}"
    The Chosen One: "{225}{}{Uh, last I heard, SEX can make someone pregnant.}"
    Phyllis: "{228}{}{Oh, you mean intercourse? Intercourse is still allowed outside of pregnancy cycles.}"
    The Chosen One: "{229}{}{Doesn't that make people pregnant?}"
    Phyllis: "{232}{}{Oh, no, no... you see, our pregnancies don't result from intercourse.}"
    Phyllis: "{236}{}{Male Citizens "donate" to the Auto-Doc here in the Vault and the most favorable matches are chosen by the computer. Then the appropriate female Citizen is seeded by the Auto-Doc.}"
    The Chosen One: "{238}{}{Don't people still get pregnant from intercourse? What about accidental pregnancies?}"
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    The Chosen One: "{275}{}{Hmm, you may be right. Still if someone could convince them that they should help you….}"
    Harold: "{276}{hld54}{They shoot ghouls on sight. Makes conversation a bit tricky.}"
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    (Tandi's dialogue)
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    Joanne Lynette: "{595}{lyn093}{No. He is not a TRUE Citizen... not anymore. When he came to us two years ago, he seemed everything we would want in a Citizen. But just a year later he... changed. He turned against us.}"
  12. The Chosen One: "{560}{}{Why do you say he's a troublemaker?}"
    Joanne Lynette: "{566}{lyn088}{He constantly seeks to convince the Citizens to turn Vault City into a..."democracy," as he calls it, with everyone having a say in laws and decision-making. *I* call it mob rule.}"
  13. The Chosen One: "{119}{}{Servant Assignment Center? What's that?}"
    Barkus: "{133}{}{Citizens who need help with menial tasks come here to have a Servant assigned to them for the day.}"
    The Chosen One: "{134}{}{That sounds a lot like slavery.}"
    Barkus: "{142}{}{I'd watch that kind of talk if I were you. It is NOT slavery. We take care of these refugees, and they have a good life...better than they would get in the wastes.}"
    The Chosen One: "{143}{}{Where do you get them?}"
    Barkus: "{149}{}{Our Servants are usually refugees from raider attacks or contractual prisoners who wish to work off their sentence in a productive manner.}"
    The Chosen One: "{151}{}{At the cost of their freedom, eh?}"
    Barkus: "{159}{}{You sound a lot like that idiot Moore...just what Vault City needs. Look, whoever you are, I have work to do, so if you'll kindly remove yourself...}"
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    "{241}{}{Cross-reference the GECK shipment information.}"
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    (Ulysses' dialogue)


  1. Fallout Bible p.27: "TIMELINE REPAIR: SECOND STRIKE"
    2235: While there had already been a small number of ghouls in Gecko at this time, more come to the area, and the town of Gecko is formed. The new influx of ghouls bring scavenged technology and know-how, and the power plant in Gecko becomes operational later that year. Vault City looks upon their new neighbors with growing concern."
  2. Fallout Bible p.28: "TIMELINE REPAIR: SECOND STRIKE"
    2241 February: Vault City rejects offers of an alliance with both the Bishop family of New Reno and NCR."
  3. Fallout Bible p.28: "TIMELINE REPAIR: SECOND STRIKE"
    2241 March: Raider attacks on caravans to Vault City begin."
  4. 4.0 4.1 Fallout Bible p.163-164: "AVALANCHE!"
    8. And, finally, which part of VC was in Moore's briefcase?

    8. It was two separate things: (1) two super stimpaks should appear in Bishop's inventory after you deliver the right case (super stimpaks are valuable, no matter where you are, and Bishop's always in danger of suffering head trauma from snipers - or his family), and (2) some downloads from the VC main database - which Bishop requested from Moore, although Moore didn't realize that Bishop wanted the current roster of all VC guards so he could see if he could "get" to one of them with drugs or other "convincing."
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