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Vault 96 orientation session is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Steel Reign.


The tape can be found at Vault 96, on the desk in the overseer's office. It only appears during the quest A Satisfied Conscience.


Molly Cooper: *sobs*

Erik DeMarcos: Get ahold of yourself.

Jeanette Higgins: Bastard. Nina's dead, Erik! Dead! All because of your damn quotas. If you can't show a little compassion, shut the hell up.

Hans Memling: Hey, now.

Erik DeMarcos: I regret what happened to Nina. I truly do. But we're wasting time.


Hans Memling: What?

Erik DeMarcos: There. That should disable the sensors. Listen carefully. They aren't 'my' quotas. They never have been. They're set by the Mainframe. Look, here are next week's numbers.

Jeanette Higgins: God. There's no way...

Hans Memling: Why didn't you tell us?

Erik DeMarcos: It's on a hair trigger. If it detects anything, any word of conspiracy or sedition, it will kill us. I had to be sure. The only way we survive the next week is to take it out.

Jeanette Higgins: You want us to fight our way out?

Erik DeMarcos: We don't have to. For the past two years, I've been working on a virus. SERAPH. Upload it into the Mainframe, and it can take over, shut down the system, the experiments, everything. It can let us out.

Hans Memling: The EMS-

Erik DeMarcos: -won't be a problem. I designed that system. My students wrote the damn protocols. I can beat it.

Molly Cooper: We can't go on like this. I'm... I'm in. For Nina.

Erik DeMarcos: Jeanette? Hans?

Hans Memling: I... all right.

Jeanette Higgins: What the hell. Sure.

Erik DeMarcos: Here's what I need from you. We move on Saturday, just before the quota check. Be ready.

Vault Mainframe: Sensor discrepancy detected in: the Overseer's Office. Applying cancellation algorithm... done.

Erik DeMarcos: Have a good week, everyone. Dismissed.

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Behind the scenes

Vault 96's holotapes were first added to the game's files with The Legendary Run update and were later made available with the Steel Reign update.