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Vault 96 mainframe lab recording is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Steel Reign.


The tape can be found at Vault 96, inserted in the Quantum research lab terminal in the mainframe wing.


Jeanette Higgins: And... down. Go, go, go.


Vault Mainframe: Robotics control failure in: the Mainframe Wing. Activating Emergency Fabrication Protocol FS-401.

Erik DeMarcos: Jeanette. Circuits 10, 18, 57.

Jeanette Higgins: Got it.

Vault Mainframe: Fabrication system: offline. Activating Emergency Repair Protocol CR-889.

Erik DeMarcos: 889, that's... Hans, we need a reactor brownout.

Hans Memling: All right, give me a minute.

Erik DeMarcos: 109's next. Jeanette?

Jeanette Higgins: Ready on the detonator.

Erik DeMarcos: Molly, are you in?

Molly Cooper: Sorry, sorry, just a-

Hans Memling: Brownout in 3, 2, 1...

*Power failure*

Vault Mainframe: Power fluctuations detected in: the Engineering Wing. Activating Emergency Stabilization Protocol ES-109.


Vault Mainframe: Detonation in: the Cryogenics Wing.

Erik DeMarcos: That should do it.

Vault Mainframe: Activating Superceding Protocol Omega.

Molly Cooper: Erik?

Erik DeMarcos: That's not in the database. What...?

Vault Mainframe: Protocol confirmed. All exits have sealed to prevent a containment breach. Calculating optimal process to exterminate all personnel in the Vault. ...done. All remaining personnel may now be terminated.

Molly Cooper: I'm locked out!

Erik DeMarcos: Here, I got it. Cover the door!


Erik DeMarcos: Damn it, almost...

Vault Mainframe: Data upload from compromised system detected. Suspect data stream has been quarantined.

Erik DeMarcos: What? Bypass, bypass! Gah!

Vault Mainframe: All residents have been terminated. Operation: successful. Have a nice day.


Unlike other holotapes and notes in Vault 96, this holotape can be acquired on subsequent visits to Vault 96, after A Satisfied Conscience is completed.

Behind the scenes

Vault 96's holotapes were first added to the game's files with The Legendary Run update and were later made available with the Steel Reign update.