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The Vault 96 genetics logs are three holotapes in the Fallout 76 update Steel Reign.


All three tapes can be found at Vault 96, on consoles in the research wing.


Genetics log #100

FO76SR Vault 96 (Vault 96 genetics logs 100).jpg

Nina Valaya: Genetic Research Log, Week 100. Retrospective. Our first mutations were simple enough. Venom. Regeneration. Electrogenesis. Natural phenomena with well-understood biochemical processes. Despite my initial misgivings, developing, adapting, and enhancing general-purpose mutagenic sequences has been a fascinating challenge. So much so that I fear we have set the bar too high. Erik's quotas are ever more aggressive, even as potential research targets grow increasingly elusive. Molly and I have moved on to more speculative mutations. Chameleonization. Pyrokinesis. Cryokinesis. But after that... I am less certain. This pace is maddening. How much longer can we maintain it?

Genetics log #142

FO76SR Vault 96 (Vault 96 genetics log 142).png

Nina Valaya: Genetic Research Log, Week 142. Specimen X-001 has been a most remarkable success. I confess, I was skeptical when Molly showed me her analysis. There was little to work with, given its... unique biology. As an initial bench test, I spliced each of our extant stable mutations into separate samples. They all worked. Flawlessly. As if we had spent months adapting them. And then the mutations... spread. They somehow shifted from one sealed petri dish to the next, until all of the samples exhibited all of the mutations. Fascinating. I wanted to proceed to live subject testing immediately, but all of our attempts to resuscitate a specimen have been blocked. Hans is looking into it. In the meantime, this transference capability merits further investigation.

Genetics log #143

FO76SR Vault 96 (Vault 96 genetics log 148).png

Nina Valaya: Genetic Log, Week... 148? 148. There is little progress to report. Too little. The Shifting mutation is still unstable. When stressed, subjects will shift or... or phase, or... ...whatever it is. It works. But it's inconsistent. Uncontrollable. Without some understanding of the underlying physics or biology, there is little I can do to stabilize or improve on it. If I could study the original specimen, perhaps I could make some progress. But there is, apparently, only one subject, in a secured cryonics bay, with military access controls. I've no doubt Erik could get in, but he has refused. I have put everything into this research. I'm out of time. I will not make my quota. Forgive me, Molly.

Behind the scenes

Vault 96's holotapes were first added to the game's files with The Legendary Run update and were later made available with the Steel Reign update.