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Vault 96 community recording is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Steel Reign.


The tape can be found in Vault 96, on a cart to the left of the entrance after entering the interior.


Erik DeMarcos: All right, calm down. We've all...

Jeanette Higgins: Calm down? Erik, what kind of a scam is this?

Erik DeMarcos: I know this isn't what you expected. I'm still trying to process it all, too.

Jeanette Higgins: Bullshit. You worked for Vault-Tec! You had to know!

Erik DeMarcos: Jeanette, I already told you-

*bangs fist*

Hans Memling: So. The door has sealed. There is no way for us to reopen it.

Erik DeMarcos: Apparently not.

Molly Cooper: And it's just the five of us in here?

Erik DeMarcos: That's right.

Jeanette Higgins: That's crazy. You could fit an entire town in here!

Molly Cooper: I want to know about the experiments. Are there really ten thousand creatures in cryo here?

Nina Valaya: And instead of preserving them, you want us to experiment on them. Induce mutations. Optimize for lethality.

Erik DeMarcos: Those are our orders. You will all have weekly research quotas to meet.

Nina Valaya: And if we refuse? Or fall short?

Erik DeMarcos: Anyone failing to meet their quota, or otherwise trying to rebel, will be... eliminated.

Hans Memling: You can't be serious.


RobotAssaultron: Sir.

Erik DeMarcos: I'm afraid so.

Behind the scenes

Vault 96's holotapes were first added to the game's files with The Legendary Run update and were later made available with the Steel Reign update.