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Vault 94 Community Council recording is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found inside Vault 94, inserted into the Community Council terminal.


Pastor Gabriella Salavar: This meeting of the Vault 94 Community Council is now in session. Today's the day. Our first guests should be arriving--

*door opens*

Pastor Gabriella Salavar: Ah, you're early! Good morning. On behalf of--

Cole: Shut it. What the hell's your game?

Pastor Gabriella Salavar: I... what?

Cole: You send out all these 'Ambassadors': "All are welcome!" "Come, join us!" "We have food to spare!" And you think we'd just waltz into a fucking trap like that?

Tyrone Hayes: Oh god.

Pastor Gabriella Salavar: Gentlemen, I assure you, this is no trap. We would be happy to share...

Cole: 'Share'. Right. You're stalling. Boys?

Red: Boss said to start talking, lady.

*Guns drawn*

Pastor Gabriella Salavar: Please, put your guns down. This is a peaceful community.


Tyrone Hayes: No!

Angelique Salavar: Mother!

Cole: Fuck it. Just kill them.