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Vault 94 is a Vault-Tec vault located on the border of the Savage Divide and the Mire regions of Appalachia in 2102.

In the add-on Nuclear Winter, the party will be able to visit Vault 94 and 96, which will feature vault raids.


Vault 94 received and decrypted new orders on October 21, 2077, just two days before the Great War:

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Vault 94 is designed to test the adaptability of ideological groups to changing social contexts. The selected residents are all members of an agrarian, pacifist religious community, and are expected to reinforce that identity during the one-year shelter period. Thereafter, they have been encouraged Icon sic open the Vault to other survivors, who will likely be armed and desperate. Vault 94 has been allocated high-value resources, but no weapons or other defenses. The residents will need to modify their belief system, improvise, and adapt quickly in order to ensure their survival.Vault 94 terminal_entries#Tyrone Hayes' terminal

While the other vault staff completed their assignments and departed for Vault-Tec University, Vault-Tec maintenance engineer Tyrone Hayes stayed behind and informed Pastor Gabriella Salavar and her congregation that they had an invitation to enter the vault in the event of catastrophe. On October 23, Hayes was alerted to the onset of the Great War and kept the vault open just long enough while the residents traveled to the vault via bus, and then closed the vault.

The vault reopened on October 24, 2078, one year and one day after the Great War, and dispatched so-called Vault Ambassadors into Appalachia to aid the survivors and act as missionaries. According to a welcome message on the vault's access terminal, Vault 94 was "founded on the principles of faith, nonviolence, and communal life in harmony with nature."[1]

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On November 20, 2078, just days before the Vault Ambassadors were scheduled to return to the vault, the G.E.C.K. Fusion Generator experienced a meltdown, resulting in Level-6 nuclear event and radiation surge measured at 7800 Rad/s.[2] An entry on the personal terminal of Free Stater Ella Ames implies that the residents of Vault 94 met an unfortunate end.[3] A terminal in Harpers Ferry confirms this by stating that the vault ‘exploded’ and released a cloud into the air and soon after this strange plants started appearing, implying that Vault 94 is the source of most of the strange plants in the Mire.[4]

By 2102, Vault 94 door was still sealed. Entrance required a vault access code, which only Vault ambassadors carried. The corpses of many of the Vault ambassadors are scattered across Appalachia, however none of them still seem to be carrying their access codes.


The exterior of the vault features a small experimental garden that had been set up by Vault 94 resident Maria Collins to test what crops could still grow in the post-War environment. There is a shallow pool of water near the garden, along with some derelict vehicles, shacks, and crates. A cave leads into the Vault 94 entrance. There is a distinctive orange glow in the cave, which is covered from wall to wall with mutated vegetation endemic to the Mire.


Notable lootEdit

(Holodisks are inside the vault, can't currently be reached)

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It is not currently possible to open the Vault 94 door or officially access its interior without using glitches. It is slated to be opened alongside Vault 96 in summer 2019 as part of an update that includes high-level group Vault Raids.[5]


Vault 94 appears only in Fallout 76.



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