When war reared its head, she was invited by Vault-Tec into Vault 92. They claimed the Vault would be dedicated to preserving musical talent.Agatha

Vault 92 is a Vault-Tec Vault located in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. The world's best musicians were invited to Vault 92 with the promise to "preserve musical talent" during the Great War. In reality, this Vault was geared specifically for experimenting with white noise generators that implanted subliminal messages into the minds of its resident population. It is located northwest of the deathclaw-infested ruins of Old Olney.


The true purpose of Vault 92 was to act as a testing ground for the creation of "super soldiers" by way of "subliminal suggestion." By exposing the citizens of the Vault to white noise that contained hidden subconscious messages, the Vault overseer hoped to create soldiers that could be controlled through a form of hypnosis, thus fulfilling his orders from Vault-Tec. This research was then to be used for a project to create super soldiers who would be completely obedient and fight far more ferociously than normal humans. The Vault's lead researcher Professor Malleus was initially unaware that the overseer intended to use the research team's work to create soldiers, though he was aware the experiments were making the subjects suggestible and modifying their behavior. This is made clear by a series of recordings one can pick up throughout the Vault.

The recordings state that, although the experiment initially showed great promise, the most promising subject began exhibiting extreme, uncontrollable aggression and tore three people apart before the Vault's security team was forced to subdue him. It took 23 gunshots to finally take him down. Professor Malleus is horrified at this and cannot understand why a resident would act in such an extremely aggressive manner (as far as the doctor is concerned, the suggestions are limited to simple and harmless triggers like obsessive fixing of hair or constant ear scratching). A later log on the overseer's terminal shows that he intentionally placed a subliminal message in the resident to trigger a violent outburst, as a measure to see whether the command would be obeyed, how much damage he would do and how much punishment he would be able to survive before Vault security killed him. He expresses particular delight in the 20+ bullets required to stop the subject, stating that a whole army of soldiers implanted in such a fashion would be unstoppable.

This rage soon manifested in other subjects. One computer terminal contains the diary of one of the inhabitants, Zoe Hammerstein, who went mad because of the white noise. The diary shows her writing (specifically her spelling and grammar) degenerate, until her final entry, where she begs her friends for help in a sentence that is barely comprehensible.

Attempts by the Vault overseer to contain the situation (such as by programming code words into the subjects' implants in order to stop them) only worked briefly. Professor Malleus, the expert in charge of the white noise experiment, soon lost hope in the project and attempted several times to convince the overseer, Richard Rubin, to take the situation more seriously and even consider abandoning the Vault in light of the violent and savage behavior of the residents, not realizing what Rubin had done until it was too late. However, it seems that Rubin had Professor Malleus killed, based on evidence from a log on his computer terminal.

Official Vault-Tec Info[1]
Vault number 92
Started Construction May 2062
Ended Construction May 2068
Occupants 245
Duration 100 years
Computer System Brainpower 7
Primary Power Supply General Atomics Nuclear power
Secondary Power Supply None
Non-Standard Equipment

Sound Equipment - itemized in Memo #328746-2A

Musical Instruments - itemized in Memo #9267563-4C

Recording Equipment - itemized in Memo #5619-7J

More than one-half of the Vault's population (according to Professor Malleus's V92-05 audio log) eventually became violently unstable and began slaughtering the rest of their fellow residents. A note titled "Feedback Loop" explains that the survivors yet untouched by the experiment made one last push for the escape, possibly explaining why the Vault door was left open. The "normal" Vault citizens made an attempt to stave off the crazed group, so there are frag mines scattered around the Vault. The skeletons of the presumed young lovers Hilda Egglebrecht and Parker Livingsteen can be found locked in the recording studio, a place where they once enjoyed accompanying each other greatly, according to notes left by Parker.

The heavy presence of the mirelurks is explained by a computer terminal in the lower, flooded parts of the Vault. Apparently, shortly before the "crazies" incident, there was an issue with one of the walls in that area, which had cracked because of a body of water nearby. The wall was repaired and given some minor reinforcements, but the chief engineer of the Vault, Carl Maynard, stated in this terminal that the repairs were only temporary and that a serious approach needed to be discussed. Nothing was done due to the mad inhabitants, and the wall there eventually broke, allowing the mirelurks to gain access to the Vault.


This Vault's upper levels are populated by an ample supply of bloatflies, which are easily killed. Care should be taken here by player characters using melee weapons, as it is possible to become trapped behind various pipes when V.A.T.S. is used. The lower levels are home to much more formidable opponents: mirelurks. Depending on the player character's level, this could include mirelurk hunters and even mirelurk kings.

Activating the terminals in the living quarters and selecting "Noise Flush" will instantly kill all of the mirelurks in the area. No experience is given for doing so. This does not affect the mirelurks and bloatflies in other areas. The terminals have Average locks, but can be used without hacking if the entries in the computer terminal in the overseer's office are all read. They tell the password for the terminals.

There is a raider farmhouse a short walk west of the Vault entrance.


Notable loot

Vault 92 entrance

Vault 92 back section.jpg

Overseer's office

Vault 92 Overseers office.jpg
  • Professor Malleus audio log V92-02 - On the desk in the bedroom in the first section of the area before reaching the actual overseer's office. It's the bedroom with the twin beds pushed together, last on the left if coming from the barricade.
  • Stealth Boy - On the overseer's desk.
  • Professor Malleus audio log V92-03 can be found inside the overseer's office on top of a table on the south wall next to Richard Rubin's terminal and three ammunition boxes.
  • Duck and Cover! and a pre-War book on the west wall bookshelf. It is in the same room as the Stealth Boy and three ammunition boxes.

Sound testing

Vault 92 sound testing.jpg
  • Soil Stradivarius - A pre-War violin (pronounced "swal") on a desk in the recording studio. The door is accessible via a computer.
  • Three pre-War books:
    • One on a shelf in the northern room on the top floor.
    • One on a table in the eastern room of the top floor, next to "Zoe Hammerstein's terminal.”
    • One on a table in a room north of the room near the Soil Stradivarius. It is close to where the Stealth Boy is located, in the room with a Nuka-Cola vending machine.
  • Nikola Tesla and You - On a desk in the studio control room.
  • Professor Malleus audio log V92-06 - On the desk in the studio control room.
  • Professor Malleus audio log V92-05 - On the desk with a broken terminal in the classroom with the running projector.
  • Stealth Boy - To the west of this section behind a locked door (lock difficulty is level-dependent), in a small room with an Average random loot safe.

Living quarters

Vault 92 living quarters.jpg
  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine - To the very south of the area, in a room which looks like an operating bay, on a desk next to a computer.
  • Professor Malleus audio log V92-04 - On a table just outside of the room containing the D.C. Journal of Medicine.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - Down the stairs near the southeast corner of the top floor, in the first room on the right on a desk next to a computer. It is visible from the hall through a window.
  • Sheet music book - In one of the bathroom stalls, in the furthest right toilet in the male dorms, toward the western side of the top floor.
  • Key code to data storage and note next to Jon Adiglio's body in the male dorm closet. Look below the rigged shotgun next to the Easy locked safe.

Professor Malleus' audio logs

Related quests


  • There is a small room in the sound testing area with a door that is jammed by a metal shelving unit. It contains five metal containers, two ammunition boxes, an Easy locked safe, and a laser pistol. The door on the other side is quite intentionally jammed with junk. It cannot be entered in regular gameplay and was meant to be entered through a tunnel in the overseer's office. An option is using the tcl console command on PC.
  • When fast traveling here and entering the door, one will be facing west. After going through the door and loading the next area, they will be facing south.
  • This Vault is a possibility for Fallout 3 player housing, with beds and secure containers.
  • Near the entrance to the overseer's office, a cabinet and two tables are blocking the way. This is easy to get around, but care must be taken not to jump into the space between them because the character can get stuck and make it impossible to get out without means of a previous save (on PC, console commands such as tcl can be used).
  • Unlike most Vaults, the reactor is actually flooded. The engineer's log mentions stress fractures and water seepage in three areas on D level, presuming the existence of an underground lake or spring, and warning that unless a solution is found "we'll be knee-deep in nasty groundwater or worse." This may explain the mirelurks found in the lower levels.


Vault 92 appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

FB8 deco 301 color.pngThe following is based on unverified behind the scenes information and is speculative and may not be accurate.
  • Zoe Hammerstein gets her name from Broadway lyricist and songwriter Oscar Hammerstein II. The GNR song "I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy" is from the Rogers & Hammerstein musical South Pacific.
  • Gordon Sumner is the name of the musician Sting.
  • The phrase "Sanity is not statistical," is a reference to George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four. This phrase is the codeword used to stop the "crazies," and is found on the overseer's terminal.
  • Richard Rubin's name is most probably meant as an homage to music producer Rick Rubin.
FB8 deco 301 color.pngEnd of information based on unverified behind the scenes information.
  • Arts-oriented Vault 92 is just outside of Old Olney. The art school James Hubert Blake High School is located outside of Olney, Maryland.
  • Zoe Hammerstein's diary mentions that they had played Haydn's Symphony No. 3 in D minor but the symphony was originally written in the keys of G major and G minor.



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